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Shaking off the dropped balls.

I really could use some beta-endorphin and beta-lipotrophin from pedaling my bike today. The last I knew today’s forecast was for warmth and sun. Now it’s calling for rain and 48°. The endorphin thing is brain talk I’m learning from … Continue reading

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What??? My doctor visit was not perfect???

    I’ve had three years of follow-up visits since my transplant. That means three years of blood lab visits and three years of the 108 mile drive from my door to Lahey Hospital in Burlington, Massachusetts. And, except for … Continue reading

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A tear-filled prayer that I do not want to publish

PREFACE: I do not want to publish this. It’s raw, too personal and almost invasive. But, I promised God that I would write honestly back when he “spoke” to me in May 2011. It’s my prayer. Please don’t try to fill … Continue reading

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