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Viral? I don’t even think we have a sniffle.

I’ve been in church 47 years. I’ve heard a lot of sermons about evangelism. But I don’t have a single example of even one of the churches I’ve been in actively and intentionally starting a new church or a new … Continue reading

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YBH is once again becoming YAN

“YBH” is scribbled in the margins of a lot of books I read. It goes beyond yellow highlighting. It is the difference between learner and leader. It takes me from hearer (or reader) to doer. My handwritten “YBH” conveys my … Continue reading

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Top 10 Ways to say “I don’t give a CRAP about you!”

10. Isolate and whisper. Even turn your back to others. 9. Nonstop inside jokes are always good. Share memories and laugh loud about stuff nearby people didn’t experience. If they ask, brush them off with, “You had to be there.” … Continue reading

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Go to church less, be the church more.

My iPhone alarm woke me this morning, as usual, with the Newsboys singing, “Put on your backpack Throw out your road map God’ll use anything Check it and see He’s givin’ us more than we ever could ask for That’s the … Continue reading

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Follow the Leader

Follow the Leader was one of my favorite games when I was a kid. It usually was not all that difficult … right turn, left turn, around the tree. Most of us had the same moves when it was our … Continue reading

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