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Misinformation in the transplant community?

If you believed in your transplant team enough to have them cut into you, cut out an organ and sew in a donated one, why do you refuse to believe them when it comes to vaccines? Continue reading

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Why masks actually work

By Scott Linscott I’ve been spending a good deal of time doing some vaccine advocacy work and trying to answer misinformation with facts, hoping to maybe make an impact here and there. Being a solid organ transplant survivor, I have … Continue reading

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“Hey, Scott, are you okay? You’ve disappeared.”

By Scott LinscottThe question came from a friend who noticed that my former Facebook fascination faded recently. (Nice alliteration, huh?) “You okay? You’ve disappeared.” My lack of selfies has left her concerned. My posts have decreased to one a day … Continue reading

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I feel like a shepherd in a hole

By Scott Linscott I feel like a shepherd who has fallen into a deep hole. Every now and then, I hear one of my sheep pass by, up there somewhere, or I catch a glimpse of a shadow, but I … Continue reading

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