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Shaking off the dropped balls.

I really could use some beta-endorphin and beta-lipotrophin from pedaling my bike today. The last I knew today’s forecast was for warmth and sun. Now it’s calling for rain and 48°. The endorphin thing is brain talk I’m learning from … Continue reading

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Just getting started

I knew, going into counseling, that I would encounter stuff that I consider way out in left field. I knew I’d hit things recommending ancient practices for self-regulation and I knew I’d come against things that fly in the face … Continue reading

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There’s something about the rain.

It’s raining and it feels good. My eyes opened to see 4:32 on my bedside table this morning. My ears heard the comforting rhythm of rain dripping off our roof outside our open bedroom window. I rolled over, pulled the … Continue reading

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