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How long will this take?

I finished my brain book. I think it was helpful but the last section with the practical tips seemed a bit too simplistic. Maybe “simplistic” is the wrong word. I don’t know what the right word is. Perhaps the practical … Continue reading

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Is it okay for a pastor to feel these feelings?

By Scott Linscott Life has thrown a number of curveballs of uncertainty at me of late. Added to that, internals and externals have overwhelmed my calendar with dates and deadlines and people needing something from me at every turn. Added … Continue reading

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Do you pray? How do you pray? When? Why?

When I was at my lowest, my prayers seemed intimate and somehow powerful. They seemed like a two-way interaction, I often sensed God’s presence and comfort like a sudden, warm, summer downpour – the type that makes you throw out … Continue reading

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You can’t spell “community” without u and i

This liver transplant journey has been the most difficult period of my life but I see lots of good that has come out of it. For instance, I now am part of a pretty tight community. We all speak the … Continue reading

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Viral? I don’t even think we have a sniffle.

I’ve been in church 47 years. I’ve heard a lot of sermons about evangelism. But I don’t have a single example of even one of the churches I’ve been in actively and intentionally starting a new church or a new … Continue reading

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Top 10 Ways to say “I don’t give a CRAP about you!”

10. Isolate and whisper. Even turn your back to others. 9. Nonstop inside jokes are always good. Share memories and laugh loud about stuff nearby people didn’t experience. If they ask, brush them off with, “You had to be there.” … Continue reading

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A drop-dead ministry …

It easier to just do things yourself but unfortunately the only thing that guarantees is that you will be working alone. I remember the simple  message I saw on Sesame Street when I was growing up: “It’s nice to share.” … Continue reading

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Does your church leadership hate God?

Dear brother, I am sorry to see you go but I truly believe your leaving is within the plans of our God. He is so much bigger than any local church. I know your leaving has been a painful process. … Continue reading

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I’m gonna get gored. I can see it coming.

We’ve been watching Olympic figure skating. Wow. They’re good! Generally, I’m not a fan of frilly dancers twirling around to music in pretty costumes. But, wow, I gotta give these skaters props. They are very, very good. But what if … Continue reading

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Does God Sign Endorsement Deals?

It’s my way or the highway! If you don’t play like I want I will just take my ball and go home! There are two ways to do things; the wrong way and my way. What needs to be done … Continue reading

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Pretending to be a big deal …

If we pretend we’re a big deal when we’re not really a big deal does it make us closer to being a big deal? I knew a plumber who worked on his own. He was a one-guy company. But he … Continue reading

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