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Christmas isn’t what we think it is.

“With” is a powerful word. It is an important word. The word “with” is a preposition because it exists to indicate associations, togetherness, and connections between things and people. Yawn. What is this, a grammar lesson? Hang tight, read on. Stay … Continue reading

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Why some kids think Santa is a jerk

Some kids think Santa is a total jerk. Over the years Robin and I have worked with hundreds of kids as their teachers and coaches and some of them really dislike Santa. Why? Because Santa doesn’t like them. Relax. We … Continue reading

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I’m gonna get gored. I can see it coming.

We’ve been watching Olympic figure skating. Wow. They’re good! Generally, I’m not a fan of frilly dancers twirling around to music in pretty costumes. But, wow, I gotta give these skaters props. They are very, very good. But what if … Continue reading

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