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Christmas isn’t what we think it is.

“With” is a powerful word. It is an important word. The word “with” is a preposition because it exists to indicate associations, togetherness, and connections between things and people. Yawn. What is this, a grammar lesson? Hang tight, read on. Stay … Continue reading

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Overwhelmed and needing prayer

When I first saw this picture I didn’t understand. I looked more closely and then I saw the bridge. “Uh oh. That’s not going to be pretty.” Then, I thought about me. I was cruising along, enjoying life, enjoying a … Continue reading

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Does God Sign Endorsement Deals?

It’s my way or the highway! If you don’t play like I want I will just take my ball and go home! There are two ways to do things; the wrong way and my way. What needs to be done … Continue reading

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I want to be less like an elephant

I have trouble remembering where I put my keys or what I had for dinner last night. I have trouble remembering how to get from point A to point B when I haven’t travelled that route lately. I forget important … Continue reading

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