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Exponential deja vu. I am broken.

I laid out on the carpet, face down, and prayed, “Lord, whatever you want. Break me. I give it all to you.” It was April 2011 at the concluding session of the Exponential Conference in Orlando, Florida. I had spent … Continue reading

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How should I shepherd this flock? Where do I begin?

“I have something for you,” Jen said. Her face wore her father’s half-smirk-half-smile that always made me wonder what he was up to. She stood facing me close enough that I could see the same spark that I used to … Continue reading

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I’ve got the green light … Now what?

A week ago Josh and I walked through the doors at Lahey Hospital and headed to the transplant wing. When we walk around Lahey we do it like we built the place. We know where everything is because we’ve spent … Continue reading

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Today was my best day in a week. Woohoo!

After a pretty good night’s sleep with only 2 leg-cramping episodes, I awoke with a strange sensation in my belly … I WAS HUNGRY!!! Now that might not sound like a big deal to you but it was for me. … Continue reading

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I’m disturbed. I’m praying you are too

Wow … Prayed in 1577 and so true today. We Christians need a good shaking. Disturb us, Lord! Prayer of Francis Drake, 1577 Disturb us, Lord, when We are too pleased with ourselves, When our dreams have come true Because … Continue reading

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Viral? I don’t even think we have a sniffle.

I’ve been in church 47 years. I’ve heard a lot of sermons about evangelism. But I don’t have a single example of even one of the churches I’ve been in actively and intentionally starting a new church or a new … Continue reading

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Sheep shifting or evangelism?

Statistics show us that the church of America has been in decline for more than 30 years. Even while the number of megachurches has exploded, the church is not growing. I came across this cartoon that seems to sum up … Continue reading

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Nothing … but everything

Rachel and Abraham walk the streets of a rundown neighborhood in Puebla, Mexico. Hungry dogs roam. Rubbled yoru bricks litter a small lot where children play soccer. Spent fireworks litter the streets for children to gather and use the burnt … Continue reading

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