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Christmas isn’t what we think it is.

“With” is a powerful word. It is an important word. The word “with” is a preposition because it exists to indicate associations, togetherness, and connections between things and people. Yawn. What is this, a grammar lesson? Hang tight, read on. Stay … Continue reading

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Why some kids think Santa is a jerk

Some kids think Santa is a total jerk. Over the years Robin and I have worked with hundreds of kids as their teachers and coaches and some of them really dislike Santa. Why? Because Santa doesn’t like them. Relax. We … Continue reading

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Christmas is under attack. Maybe it should be.

Christmas is in big trouble. Businesses put up holiday trees, school kids can’t sing classic Christmas hymns, snowflakes are being pulled in favor of blank, red cups and nativity scenes are being attacked, stolen and defaced. Christmas is under attack! … Continue reading

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