Why “Drinking from the same dipper?” What does that even mean?

Mankind loves status. In fact, it wasn’t long after Jesus died when men starting clamoring to show how much more godly and spiritual they were than everyone else. They built big structures, took the scriptures away from all us uneducated morons and declared themselves spokesmen for God Himself. They set up hierarchies so we could all be so impressed.

But one of my favorite accounts from scripture is when Jesus was thirsty and sitting at a well and this woman came by to get some water. He asked her for a drink from her dipper. That was huge! First, she was a woman, seen as second class citizens in this culture. Second, she was a Samaritan woman. Jews could not even touch the “unholy” Samaritans. You wanna talk about racism? Jesus was shattering that wall too. She was, in His eyes, just another person of value. He drank from her dipper, the same one she used, and they talked.

As you read my blog you probably will pick up on some sarcasm. I’m bugged by self-elevating pastors and places that turn followers into impotent observers and singers and “hearers only.”

I have been a “pastor” for more than 25 years. I am just as much a sinner as everyone else. But I do believe Jesus changed my world and I love valuing others, hearing them and seeing them discover Jesus too. My goal has never been to put them in straight rows to listen to me. My goal has been to set them free to take risks and trust God and follow Jesus. I love to just shut up and hear the church sharing its discoveries with one another and weeping at things that are hard.

Let’s sit down and drink from the same dipper. Let’s share life. Let’s be real and see what Jesus wants to do.

What are you thinking? Tell me!

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