Click here to visit my page on the National Transplant Assistance Fund. I chose NTF because it is above reproach in handling charitable giving and providing accountability.

The NTA Mission:

To empower individuals and families to overcome financial barriers related to transplantation or catastrophic injury through grass-roots fundraising.

Core Values

  • We are the strength our clients need— when they need it most.
  • No one, no matter how rich or wise, is ever prepared for the challenges our clients face.
  • Our voice over the phone may be the only difference between “can’t” and “can.”
  • “Flexibility” is our key differentiator.
  • We provide hope at a time of overwhelming need.
  • Our work saves entire families.
  • We are accountable for every dollar—and to every client.

3 Responses to CONTRIBUTE

  1. HelpHOPELive says:

    Hey, Scott — we’re about to share one of your updates on Facebook. Congratulations on your Trek Across Maine success!!! Note: can you update this Contribution page so it says HelpHOPELive instead of NTAF?

  2. Anonymous says:

    Scott, I know someone who wants to donate $ but cannot figure out how to do so….here is the email about it…
    “If you read the “Urgency” piece and then click onto NTFA….it
    is not listed under its new name ( the help.hope one)…what to do if
    a donation is made by mail?…it was a bit confusing, as the only
    mailing address is NTFA?
    Can you please help me direct this person to the right place to make a donation?
    Julie Goodwin

    • SCOTT LINSCOTT says:

      They can make it out to NTAS and mail it to us 5 Village Ln., Westbrook, ME 04092

      Thanks. Please be sure to check on Robin now and then. She bottles stuff up and only has a few very close friends she will let in. You are one of those friends.

      Love Scott

      Sent from my iPhone

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