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Parents burying heads in the sand?

Youth leaders are not called to know the gospel but to make the gospel known. It may seem like semantics but there is a significant difference in approach, format and methods that come with a commitment to the latter. Making … Continue reading

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I’m gonna get gored. I can see it coming.

We’ve been watching Olympic figure skating. Wow. They’re good! Generally, I’m not a fan of frilly dancers twirling around to music in pretty costumes. But, wow, I gotta give these skaters props. They are very, very good. But what if … Continue reading

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Pretending to be a big deal …

If we pretend we’re a big deal when we’re not really a big deal does it make us closer to being a big deal? I knew a plumber who worked on his own. He was a one-guy company. But he … Continue reading

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Buttery fingers can’t grasp anything

I give it one thumb up and one thumb down … Critics are everywhere. Have you ever noticed that no matter what you do some people are ready to sit back in their chair and give you a free evaluation … Continue reading

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I don’t like altar calls. Does that make me bad?

Get out your sharpened number two pencils, it’s time for a short quiz. 1) The customary altar call familiar to evangelical churches first appeared a.) In the last 200 years b.) When Noah’s ark came to rest on dry ground … Continue reading

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