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Is it okay for a pastor to feel these feelings?

By Scott Linscott Life has thrown a number of curveballs of uncertainty at me of late. Added to that, internals and externals have overwhelmed my calendar with dates and deadlines and people needing something from me at every turn. Added … Continue reading

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Facing burnout. Moving from surviving to thriving.

My last post was January 1. That’s not a good sign for me. You know how that scratchy throat or that slight pressure behind your eyes sometimes is a symptom of a bigger problem, a virus? When I stop writing it’s … Continue reading

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Losers, Lovers and Livers

I’ve come to a conclusion. If you’re too busy to spend time with people you love, you’re a loser. I don’t mean “loser” as a devaluing label. I mean you are losing some very, very important things. Today’s memories are … Continue reading

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When everything flashes before your eyes…

Believe me. When that doctor came into my hospital room May 5 and told me my liver was worthless and that I didn’t have much time left, my thoughts immediately went to my family. I didn’t think of my house, … Continue reading

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Who do you say that I am?

Youth worker, who do you say that I am? You are Christ, the filler of my weekends. You are Jesus, compelling me to attend meeting upon meeting. You are Jesus who keeps me from taking vacations with my family because … Continue reading

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