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Words fall like snow

Snow falling lightly. Pajama’s all day. A long chat with mom. Coffee pot decreasing. Dancing orange flames in the stove. Warm. Comfortable. Content. Silly text messages with my wife. Moments with my God. New life for a transplant friend, Smiling … Continue reading

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When everything flashes before your eyes…

Believe me. When that doctor came into my hospital room May 5 and told me my liver was worthless and that I didn’t have much time left, my thoughts immediately went to my family. I didn’t think of my house, … Continue reading

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One doctor says I’m dying, another says I have time…

Do you know what can change your focus in just a few seconds? I do. This past week in Orlando, Florida, I had a doctor stand by my bedside and tell me that “apart from something major” my life would … Continue reading

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Messy beds and hurting people

People hurt people. Most hurting people don’t end the cycle, they hurt others. My heart is hurting today. It’s hurting for friends who are on the receiving end of mean words and actions at the hands of people they love. … Continue reading

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Burn the Quran! Burn the Bible!

Another whacky Christian has done exactly what he set put to do. The “pastor” of a little church in Florida has grabbed national and worldwide headlines by threatening to burn the Muslim holy book unless his demands are met. So … Continue reading

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Obscurred by light

I have been photographing people and events for more than 30 years. I’ve gone from pinhole to professional digital equipment. I’ve had my hands in developer and have now gone to the digital darkroom. A lot has changed. More has … Continue reading

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Missional Shmissional … For us or For Them?

Ingrown or outwardly focused? For me or for you? For us or for them? Most churches have mission statements. That’s cool, I guess. But a lot of times I find them more confusing that anything else. “First Church of Wazoo … Continue reading

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What do I have? You can have it.

I am so pumped that so many people look past themselves and just give what they have. I just called my friend Greg. Greg is a roofer. He’s one of those friends that I have on the outskirts of my … Continue reading

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Who’s afraid of barns?

Why do we work so hard to make Jesus unapproachable when God put so much effort into tearing down barriers? Why do we build ornate cathedrals, invest in expensive garments and commission intricate stained glass? Each gold-plated decoration puts more … Continue reading

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