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Will your Rotary club meet the 100% challenge?

Following a presentation that I made at our District 7780 Rotary gathering at Fort Williams in Cape Elizabeth, Maine during the summer of 2019, the District Governor, Andrew Glazier, asked, “why couldn’t we make this a challenge for all our … Continue reading

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4 years today. A good, good Father.

My eyes opened for the day just before 4:00 AM. I listened to the birds coming awake in the trees just outside our bedroom window and thought “how blessed I am.” I spent some time talking to God about the … Continue reading

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Living on the edge of “uh oh” after transplant

It’s quiet. The smells of blueberry muffins baking in the oven and fresh chocolate-raspberry coffee are pulling me awake. My twelve pound, white miniature schnauzer is sleeping soundly on the back of the couch. I know all this will change … Continue reading

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Folding bikes, sunshine and hope for transplant.

Have you ever seen a folding travel bike? They’re pretty cool little engineering marvels. They are perfect for zipping around small areas and sightseeing. When you’re done, you fold them up, throw them in the trunk and head home. Robin … Continue reading

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How do you handle gut-wrenching, suffocating, consuming weight?

My transplant experience gave me a gift that, today, I would like to return. Usually, I’m thankful for it, but recently it has grown so heavy that I feel like it is breaking me. I’ve been watching My 600 Pound … Continue reading

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Reliving my transplant nightmare

Remember that book I was working on writing? I let it sit, untouched, from September 2013 until December 2014 when I gave it to my friend Jan Perry to read and clean up. She was my second reader. It’s about 60,000 … Continue reading

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50 Miles: Hidden tears behind sunglasses

I’m going to be gross for a minute. Skip to the next paragraph now if gross medical stuff makes you want to toss your cookies. Twenty-eight months ago I was lying in a hospital bed at Lahey Hospital with a … Continue reading

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