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Why do I get to live while others die?

I’ve had a few experiences in the last week that I don’t really know how to process. I’m feeling kind of down. Okay, I’ll spill it. I met a few organ donor families who are filled with grief. I feel … Continue reading

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When death ruins your day…

When do you feel most inadequate? I mean, what situations leave you stumbling for words or standing silently with absolutely no idea what to do? For me, it happens during one of life’s largest privileges. During the painful privilege of a … Continue reading

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Am I out of the woods?

I love vanilla soft serve ice cream. My wife hates it. Since most soft serve places don’t offer hard ice cream we usually end up at shops with pretty teenage scooper girls digging into ice cream buckets. While I prefer … Continue reading

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You can’t spell “community” without u and i

This liver transplant journey has been the most difficult period of my life but I see lots of good that has come out of it. For instance, I now am part of a pretty tight community. We all speak the … Continue reading

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Yesterday, all my troubles seemed so far away

Saturday day was awesome. For the first time since I can remember I felt 98% normal. I felt like I was not one of the .000017% percent of Americans receiving a liver transplant this year. I felt like Pinochio after … Continue reading

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It’s not just me

I share the following from one of my readers who is writing his own story in the face of suffering… God bless you Scott. I totally agree with you. I went through a very debilitating illness myself two years ago. … Continue reading

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