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17,000 People read my blog? Um, so what?

In September about 17,000 people read my blog. Maybe there is something to this blogging thing after all? Mostly I just write it as a way to get stuff outta my mind or off my chest like a journal. It … Continue reading

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The Game of Life

I’m going to a camp next week where the theme is “The Game of Life.” I’ve been getting ready by thinking of games. Today I thought of frustrating game breakdowns and how they might relate to church life. Not dealing … Continue reading

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Christians scared of Evangelism?

Pop! Have you ever watched a bubble pop? It floats upward wobbling and looking pretty unstable and then it bursts. It’s worse when someone reaches out and hits it. Today I talked to a friend about reaching out and introducing … Continue reading

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Sometimes ministry stinks

The phone rings and we pick it up. The tone sounds and we know an email just came in so we open it. A text message comes in and we are compelled to read it. Lately I’m not making many … Continue reading

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Buttery fingers can’t grasp anything

I give it one thumb up and one thumb down … Critics are everywhere. Have you ever noticed that no matter what you do some people are ready to sit back in their chair and give you a free evaluation … Continue reading

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