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Living life to the fullest, walking in the dust of my Rabbi, creating art through photography and written word, speaking words of hope and encouragement at conferences, workshops, church and civic gatherings.

It’s a good day. My Mom is with Jesus.

It’s a good day. My 85 year old mother passed quietly last night, comfortable, at a beautiful hospice facility with people she loved by her side. It was the answer to the prayer she has been praying for several years, … Continue reading

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This is getting old. Immunosuppression sucks

Back in 2011, I said this blog would reflect my transplant journey and would be honest. I like to try to keep things positive but … I am sick again. No, not liver stuff. It’s just regular stuff. I’ve been … Continue reading

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Be the yellow.

“Be the yellow.” I captured this scene on a side street of a Jerusalem market. Why? Because of the yellow. The shop doors and gates were all drab and gray. Dim, florescent lights cast their odd haze on the scratches, … Continue reading

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On top of a mountain?

Last week I climbed a mountain and ended up at about 58 feet above sea level. I was in the Dead Sea region of Israel which is the lowest spot on earth. Do you know the first thing that came … Continue reading

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We have so much

We have so much. We’re rich by world standards but, by American standards, we’re middle class. That boggles my mind. My little girl, Damaris, has a family income of $187 a month. My little girl Tanya’s family lives on just … Continue reading

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CLEAN WATER: I’m still setting goals, big goals.

Clean drinking water for 100 families in Guatemala. Continue reading

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At night is when my mind races and my heart pounds when the numbers come back bad. I try to reason, “it’s probably nothing,” but then, the what-ifs come to the surface. Last night I laid in bed chatting with … Continue reading

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