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Living life to the fullest, walking in the dust of my Rabbi, creating art through photography and written word, speaking words of hope and encouragement at conferences, workshops, church and civic gatherings.

Debate Policy but Love People

I am afraid to write what is hurting my heart this morning because it will likely bring comments and reactions that add more hurt. My issue is my own lack of understanding of my brothers and sisters in Christ. I … Continue reading

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My amazing girl…

Allow me to gush about this woman … the mother of my children. I met her in college. She was a science major on a pre-vet track. She was heading to classes and labs all day and studied like a … Continue reading

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Happy Liver Day!

“What would the world be like without Captain Hook?” “What if Clarence never jumped into the river to save George Bailey and Zuzu’s pedals?” It’s the age-old, “what if I wasn’t here” question that mankind has wondered for years. It … Continue reading

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Which are you?

Do you need some resurrecting? On Saturday, all was quiet while Jesus was in the grave. Friends and supporters sat weeping with loss and dashed dreams. Detractors were gloating and feeling some relief at finally being proved right and getting … Continue reading

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Locked up or freed?

Some of you know that I see more in my photographs than the obvious. Things I photograph often speak to me. Today, while I walked around a historic train yard, these old padlocks and weathered chain drew my eye. In … Continue reading

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I’ve been up to something new and fun…

I told her she could be anything she set her mind to but she wasn’t buying it. I told her I could write books like the books we were reading and she laughed. Continue reading

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Why do you go to church? Or, why not?

I’ve been doing some studying … mostly because I’m coming to the end of my six months of messages and teachings for the church I serve and am asking God what’s next. In the process I am looking in the … Continue reading

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