CAUTION: Homeopathic rant ahead

quack-hatI’m ticked off. Pissed actually. I don’t like rants and I am not a fan of drama but, for the love of Pete, could we maybe tone down the homeopathic aggression maybe a notch or ten?

Yeah, I’m biased on this one. It’s probably because I spent about a year dying while nurses and doctors worked to keep me alive long enough to save my life. I don’t buy the money-grubbing conspiracy theories that medicine only exists to make money.

What set me off? Today, for the third time this week, I saw a Facebook cartoon claiming that we do not have healthcare in the United States. Its claim is that we have a “disease management system” designed to keep the money flowing. The implication is that medicine is a corrupt field filled with people who are not truly interested in cures because curing people would put them out of business.

I happen to have someone who I share more than DNA with who has a PhD in Pharmacology research and is now pursuing his MD. He’s a great guy, a giving guy. He gave me about 60% of his liver to save my life. He’d give you the proverbial shirt off his back.

How can I convince you that money has not been his motivation for these 12+ bonus years of school? There are much shorter paths to money than the path he is taking. Is he a rarity? An exception to the rule among all the filthy, money-grubbing, immoral hoards going into pharmacy and medicine? No. I know that he is not.

I’ve seen too many nurses, with tears in their eyes, caring for me when I was in so much pain. I’ve seen a kidney doc jump into my liver case when abnormal things were happening and petition to get me into a test group for a new drug that was showing promise. He fought my health insurance company to step up and do what it was paid to do. His extra interest, extra efforts and involvement got me back on the transplant list and ultimately saved my life. He didn’t make any additional money by going the extra mile to save my life.

Do you really believe that homeopathic companies are not after your money with their claims that a mixture of organic llama spit, Bermuda grass seed and natural honey will solve your irritable bowel? Seriously? They spend next to no money on true testing, do not have to gain FDA approval and can rush their marketing campaign to press while claiming that it is medicine and “big pharma” that is stealing from you. So many people believe their pitch. I stand amazed.

Why not just let people believe what they want to believe and do what they want to do? That’s generally fine with me, except when the homeopathic industry aggressively undermines and maligns science and medicine that is saving lives. I’ve seen people in my support groups take large doses of vitamin E and do “liver cleanses” hoping to reverse their liver conditions.  Instead they have done real damage or at dangerously masked their true condition by altering their test results with supplements.

I’ve seen people waiting for transplant, unable to pay their bills and drowning in debt while living on disability, pay close to $100 for a “high-grade” essential oil to rub on the bottom of their feet hoping to relieve their leg cramps. I’ve watched them spend their very-limited funds on $80 juice drinks.

Modern snake oil salesmen are pushing everything from magnets to copper to supplements to oils preying on a population that is desperate for solutions. They target the chronically ill, the elderly, the obese and even parents desperate to help their children in school.

“Health products are an especially fertile area for scams in part because most people can’t tell whether a product is really helping, experts say.”  Consumer Reports

It makes me angry. I used to weigh 316 pounds. Every year my doctor would urge me to change my lifestyle, exercise, eat right and lose weight. He would tell me my increased odds of heart disease, clogged arteries, diabetes and hypertension. And then, he would prescribe meds to treat the self-abuse that I was doling out. I’d leave his office and swing through McDonald’s on my way home to grab the Two Big Macs for Two Bucks special. That darn doctor only wanted to take my money and hurt my self-esteem, right?

I heard the frustration in a doctor’s voice when he told me he was prescribing a machine to force air into my lungs to keep my airway open at night so I would not stroke out from Sleep Apnea. When I objected to sleeping with a mask on my face and asked for an alternative he said, “Well, you could lose an enormous amount of weight but we know that isn’t going to happen.” Darn doctor just wanted my money, right? He just wanted to sell another Sleep Apnea CPAP machine, right? He didn’t want to cure me! Guess what. When I finally started exercising, eating fewer calories and lost 105 pounds, my sleep APNEA, hypertension, IBS and even asthma faded. He was right.

I’m sorry, but I am frustrated. I know my docs were frustrated by my lifestyle. I know all they could do was prescribe things to try to combat the damage of my lifestyle choices. Every January I endured the bombardment of weight loss advertising. I even tried a couple. Snake oil.

Can we please back off on undermining medical advances in support of taping raw onion to our toes? Can we back off on the promises of exorbitantly priced drinks and oils that will relieve my asthma, arthritis, hemorrhoids and headaches all at once while simultaneously turning me into a passionate sex machine and boosting my memory?

Or, at least, can we stop advancing our homeopathic, miracle aids by systematically convincing the vulnerable that their doctors want to keep them sick just to take their money?

I recently had an online friend try to convince me to stop my anti-rejection medications in favor of a mix of homeopathic products and supplements. He sent me reports of the toxic chemicals I am ingesting and the “damage” they are doing. And then, as a “friend who cares for me,” he offered me a “big discount” on all the products he recommended. Yes, lucky for me, he happens to be a distributor!

My anti-rejection medicines are indeed expensive. Yes, they have troublesome side effects. But, what you also need to know is that my team has been seeing me every six months and carefully reducing my dose as my body adjusts to my new liver. I started on 8 milligrams a day and now, three and a half years later, I am down to 2 milligrams daily.  That means I am now taking 2,190 fewer pills a year. If his goal is to make as much money as he can by keeping me in the drug line, my doc is doing a lousy job at it.

Go ahead and have your home party. Sell everyone that magnetic bracelet that brought you balance and energy. Line your friends up and sell them calming smells with candles and oils. Hand out little foot maps showing where to dot one concoction or another. Take their credit card numbers for that awesome anti-oxidant drink, herbal supplement or hemp necklace. But please, I beg you, don’t try to convince them that their doctors are just using them for their money. Don’t contribute to them discontinuing their medicines. Don’t be negligent. Please sell your wares without demonizing medicine and the medical professionals who choose their careers hoping to help people.

I am alive today because of medicine and healthcare professionals. I know a ton of other people who can say the same thing. They are cancer survivors, transplant recipients, heart attack survivors and people who had little chance of survival just 10-20 years ago.

Rant over.




About Scott Linscott

Living life to the fullest, walking in the dust of my Rabbi, creating art through photography and written word, speaking words of hope wherever and whenever the opportunity arises.
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2 Responses to CAUTION: Homeopathic rant ahead

  1. Misty says:

    Scott….this is very well written and it is a subject your are clearly very passionate about. I was compelled to comment of behalf of the other side. I had a few years there where I was fully invested in the snake oils, propaganda, etc. But, over time I have toned down a bit for several reasons not the least of which is cost. I do think there is a great deal of validity in many of the remedies, conspiracy theories, etc. However, I do also believe there is a great deal of validity in science and medicine, too. As a pre transplant patient, I am very well aware that there are many ways in which I depend on the medical field simply to live. At this point, I have comfortably settled into my way of thinking. What is that? you ask. Well, I certainly believe that so much of the garbage that is on supermarket shelves is slowly but surely making us sick. We have diseases we have never had before because we are producing toxic foods in great volume and in ways we never have before. That being said, I recognize the convenience and cost effectiveness of many of them and they still exist in my home. I believe that people who preceded modern medicine did have some very valid and effective remedies for ailments, but so does modern medicine. So, for my family we do the best we can. We try to make good choices and put good things in our bodies as much as possible, and we give many of the affordable and sensible snake oil gimmicks a try. We also indulge in junk food and recognize that we have a legitimate need for modern medicine, too. I firmly believe that we have to do the best we can. As for the people who are so caring and passionate…I agree. But, I think many of the conspiracy theories refer to the fat cats behind the desks that we do not see every day who really don’t care. Just as there are truly caring souls there are also truly money hungry ones, too. I know that so many of the people I’ve met and relied on for care have fallen on both sides of that fence. I’ve had doctors who didn’t give a rip about me and those who go the extra mile. So, maybe both points of view are a little bit right. I also think that each person has an obligation to themselves to do their own research and know causes and effects of illnesses and medicines respectively. For me. I educate myself on what is going on and make the best choices I can, and I do believe there is merit on both sides of the issue.

  2. Meredith Kerr says:

    Brilliant, Scott! I am going to bring a copy to my doctor next time I see him. And God bless your son as he continues to make sacrifices for the good of others.

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