Thankful this, thankful that … yak, yak, yak

yakEvery morning I wake up ten minutes before my alarm. It doesn’t matter what time it’s set to go off – exactly 10 minutes.

I reach for my phone to see if I have any messages. I know, I know, people who check social media before they get out of bed supposedly have a problem or an addiction. “Hello, I’m Scott and I am a Social Mediaholic.”

I heard they are developing a new social media that takes the best of Youtube, Twitter and Facebook and wraps it all into one. It’s going to be called YouTwitFace. Sign me up!

I scan through my Facebook newsfeed and see all the usual stuff. My righty friends are all ticked about Democrats and my lefty friends are mad at the Republicans. All of them post “news” articles from reputable sources like to support their positions.

SuperMom posts pictures of the trampoline she knitted for her little cherubs using recycled yak fur from only organically fed yaks. Meanwhile, RealMom is rewashing the family dog after her toddler bathed it using the brand new jug of fresh Vermont Maple Syrup.

There are the weather complainers, the “you have to watch this” video reposters and the guilters with their “repost this if your sister is awesome” or “if you love Jesus you will repost this.”

Super Christians post a continuous barrage of bible verses and Joel Osteen quotes. Do they do anything but sit around watching TBN, praying and reading the Bible all day? Man, I’m a big-time slacker! Sing along, “Yes, they’ll know we are Christians by our posts, by our posts. Yes, they’ll know-oh we are Christians by our posts.”

I normally post a random tidbit to try to make someone smile. My friend Bill does it too with pictures. He gets me to smile every day.

But when November hits, my newsfeed is full of people being thankful for stuff. Every day they list something they like:

“I’m thankful for my cat, Roger, because he is using the litter box again.”
“I’m thankful that I’m so much better than you.”
“I’m thankful for organic, recycled yak fur and that I am awesome enough to knit a trampoline for kids.”

By the 30th day they start getting pretty lame. They start off strong with thankfulness for loved ones, shelter, food, employment and then go steadily downhill. Day 30 ends up being “I’m thankful for sauerkraut” or “I’m thankful that so many of my Facebook friends post pictures of their food and excellent recipes I’ll never make.”

I’m thankful for all the thankfulness, really I am. It’s a great break from the rest of the year and a nice rest before everyone starts fighting about “Xmas” and “Happy Holidays” and the great conspiracy to take Christ out of CHRISTmas.

I didn’t do the social media thankful thing. I don’t forward things, don’t do snowball wars and never accept game invites. But really, I am thankful.

When I wake up tomorrow, my little house will be full. My oldest son, his wife and my youngest son will have arrived during the night and found their beds. My daughter will arrive by noon along with my parents. I will sit with my beautiful wife of 29 years and we will all hold hands around a table crowded with food to give thanks.

I’ll do my best to thank my God for my second bonus Thanksgiving Day without crying and my family members will smile when I get choked up. We all are indeed thankful because apart from the miraculous hand of our God and the loving sacrifice of my oldest son giving me half of his liver, I would not be here for this day. There were times when each of us thought I would not see one more Thanksgiving, never mind two.

If you’ve been around me much you have likely heard my answer to “how are you?”

“Every day is a bonus day,” I answer. “Every day.” I am truly thankful.

And really, every morning when I lie there reading all your Facebook posts, I am thankful because whether lefty, righty, supermom or realmom, reposter or forwarder, glass half full or glass half empty, I have a connection to you and I like that more than you know.

I am thankful for you.

About Scott Linscott

Living life to the fullest, walking in the dust of my Rabbi, creating art through photography and written word, speaking words of hope wherever and whenever the opportunity arises.
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4 Responses to Thankful this, thankful that … yak, yak, yak

  1. Melaine says:

    Thank you for being real. Words are so easily spoken and we can become so complacent and fail to put into action our words. I need to change my complacency and jaded view. I have allowed my illness to dictate my life and passion. You speak from the heart with passion and you have a message to share.

  2. Very good Scott, you nailed it here! I wholeheartedly agree with your answer to the question “How are you”? Being vertical and breathing is a wonderful thing indeed, although I know that eventually the alternative will be spectacular! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your loved ones my friend!

  3. beth42062 says:

    You made me laugh – out loud – which isn’t always that easy! I, too, am thankful for our daughter’s 2nd chance with her liver transplant (and whom also became a mama 2 weeks ago!). And I am thankful for your 2nd chance, too. Not to mention all of the 2nd chances out there in “Transplant Land”. Blessed. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving~

  4. Kim says:

    Loved it Scott! You are once again correct! And, very funny!

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