Um, I think you forgot an important birthday …

liver cowJune 2 is going to be a big day for me. First, it will be our 29th wedding anniversary. Second, I’ll be walking 3.5 miles in the Liver Life Walk to benefit the American Liver Foundation.

Wait! Before you’re out quicker than a one-legged man in a butt kicking contest, please read at least the next paragraph.

I’m hoping you might root for the underdog, help the runt of the litter or be the type of person who gives a kid on a swing a push to get started. The reality is that the liver never gets any attention. Poor livers just hang out filtering every drop of blood getting no credit at all. No one ever thinks of them … until they stop. Compare that to boobs.

Most of the population thinks about boobs several times a day. Men and women notice boobs everywhere. Advertisers use boobs to sell their products and clothing manufacturers design clothes to show off boobs. None of that is true of livers.

Breast cancer is a huge, well-funded concern, as it should be. Hey, I’m a fan of breasts. I’ve got nothing against them and I hate breast cancer. I hate ALL cancer! My oldest son is a direct beneficiary of cancer research funding since he is doing research at Sloan Kettering.. I’m not say we should fund cancer research less. I’m just asking if we could show the liver a little more love?

So, yeah, I’m doing another cause walk. I know, I know, there are walks for everything. I’ve seen fundraising walks for pets, walks for colons, walks for homeless people, CF, MS, ALS and ADHD. I’ve even seen a walk raising money for air conditioning units. You would think with all the walks we do that we’d be a lot skinnier as a nation, but I digress.

But I want to ask you to show some love for my liver. C’mon now. He’s a cute organ who has grown big and strong. He just had his one-year-old birthday. I wish I could send you a picture of him but, unlike boobs, he’s pretty camera shy.

You know me. You know that if I didn’t get a liver transplant last year I wouldn’t be here today. I’d be pushing up daisies. You might even know that I was one of only 246 Americans last year to get a living donor transplant. But, did you know that if the ALF didn’t exist and wasn’t able to fund the research it does that I would not have this anniversary with my wife?

I’ve got some big hopes for liver research. I’d like to see advances in surgical techniques. Did you know researchers are working on splitting donor livers in half to save twice as many lives? Never thought about it? It’s my life now. There’s lots of promising research needing funding. Personally, I’m hoping for better anti-rejection drugs with less side effects.

So, here’s “the ask,” direct and clear. Will you click the link below and support Robin and I in the walk by giving a donation of $25 or more? Honestly, my liver was a little upset that you didn’t send a gift, or even a card for his birthday.  You forgot. Your gift would totally make it up to him and put a smile on his lobe. (He only has one lobe. Shhh… he’s sensitive about it.)

Click here to give a gift.

Are you an organ donor? Please register now at



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Living life to the fullest, walking in the dust of my Rabbi, creating art through photography and written word, speaking words of hope wherever and whenever the opportunity arises.
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2 Responses to Um, I think you forgot an important birthday …

  1. Anonymous says:

    I just read this while nursing my youngest! Too

  2. Lisa Critcher Green says:

    I love how you word things, you have such a great sense of humor and still get your point across very nicely. I wish we could help financially support you in your liver walk but we have to save every penny we can for a car and also for the future(very soon we hope) transplant for Michael. Know you are in our prayers and thoughts and we have great admiration for you and all you do for liver research and organ donor awareness. It is our hope we can do the same when we are in a better place ourselves. Good luck with your walk…

    Happy 29th to you and Robin. Michael and I will think of you fondly on ours(another 18 yrs away lol)……God Bless you!!! You ROCK!!!!

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