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spread the wordA couple weeks ago I had the pleasure of speaking to a group of people in Raymond, Maine. It was extra sweet because Josh was able to be with me to speak from his perspective as a living organ donor and share a song. Since my transplant I have had the opportunity to tell my story to 4 different groups. Now that I’m getting stronger and healthier I am hoping to have more opportunities to share. I’m open to anything from Rotary meetings to pulpit supply to special events. I figure the God Lord led me through this whole transplant journey for a reason and writing and speaking to give hope must be part of that reason.

I have added a tab here on my blog titled “Booking.” The following is from that page. I’d appreciate it if you could share it with anyone who might need a speaker from time-to-time.

A transplant saved my life.

A transplant saved my life.

Do you need a speaker for your organization or event?

Life is full of twists and turns. Some people go through life content to just survive while others determine to thrive. What is the difference between surviving and thriving? I am convinced it is attitude and perspective! The way I see it, I can choose to be a whiner or act to be a shiner. When I speak to groups I bring a positive message of hope and encouragement that motivates change.

Life experiences have shaped the story I share. My story is a story of faith, family and overcoming the major obstacles that have challenged me. If you don’t know my story here are a few bullet points:

  • Health: May 7, 2012 my life was saved when surgeons grafted 55% of my son’s liver into me replacing my shriveled, diseased organ. I would love to speak to your group about organ donation, transplant or living with chronic illness.
  • Weight: From 310 to 200 pounds so far with no diets, weight loss surgeries or supplements. Before I fell ill with cirrhosis I went from 310 to 240 by changing my lifestyle and developing new habits. I enjoy sharing what is working for me to encourage others to get healthy.
  • Alcoholism: Though not an alcoholic myself, I grew up with an alcoholic father and thus have had to release baggage common to adult children of alcoholics. I look forward to equipping teens and adults with tools to help them overcome the challenges of being part of alcoholic families.
  • Marriage: I am thankful to say that Robin and I are approaching our 30th anniversary. We enjoy speaking to couples looking to strengthen their marriages. Together we have raised 3 children, lived times of abundance and times of little, been close and drifted apart, faced failure and rejoiced in victory. We’ve faced chronic illness, uncertainty, poverty and death and have come through it all closer and more in love than ever. We are best friends. Encouraging couples and providing clues to a successful marriage is one of our favorite things to do.
  • Parenting: As a youth and family pastor of 25 years and a parent of 3 very different children, I’ve seen and experienced so much. Today I have a married daughter pursuing a Masters degree in Psychology, a son applying to medical schools now that he is closing in on finishing his Phd. in molecular biochemical research and a gifted chef who recently graduated from the top culinary school in the country, the Culinary Institute of America. Robin and I have learned much through trial and error, home schooling and balancing family activities. We love encouraging other parents.
  • Teenagers and young adults: I spent 25 years pouring my life into young people. As a speaker, I love hanging out after sessions, laughing, joking, playing and sharing life. I use a lot of humor in my presentations and connect well with those in the younger set.
  • Faith: My foundation. Though I am very capable of speaking to a wide variety of groups outside of religious circles, I love speaking at churches, Christian conferences, seminars, camps and events. I am at home in these circles of like-minded folks. I love nothing more than telling the powerful story of God’s unyielding faithfulness in our lives.

I would love to speak to your group on any of these topics. Churches, camps, conferences, support groups, classroom, rotary or chamber of commerce meetings, couples’ retreats, youth groups, I enjoy every opportunity to speak to groups wherever I can. Robin and I are confident that the good Lord allowed us to go through the things we have endured so that we can encourage others and provide hope, motivation and purpose.

Let’s talk about how I can help you or be a part of meeting the goals you have for your group.

Yours with an attitude of gratitude,
Scott Linscott

Would you like to get a feel for my story? Try this 2.5 minute video link:

About Scott Linscott

Living life to the fullest, walking in the dust of my Rabbi, creating art through photography and written word, speaking words of hope wherever and whenever the opportunity arises.
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