Status update

I’m lying here in my hospital bed watching “the Big Bang theory” and figured I would give you a status report.

I had blood drawn, a CAT scan, chest x-ray, and blood cultures. I won’t know any of the results until tomorrow morning when the transplant team meets and is able to look at everything.

Have you ever brought your car to your mechanic because it’s making a noise? When you get there it won’t make a noise matter how hard you?

I feel a little bit like that. After my fever broke this morning I’ve had no fever all day long. I have had some nausea though and still have the abdominal pain which we suspect is muscles that haven’t been used in a long time.

They’ve started two different antibiotics on me as a precaution. It’s best with the recent transplant recipient to nip infection in the bud.

My incredible wife is spending another night in a nearby motel or, hotel actually. That poor woman has to be so tired of this. She waits on me hand and foot. She sits in the hospital and holds my hand. She’s memorized my medication schedule and gives me my meds when I need them. All that she continues to work full-time to carry our household. My disability pay is a blessing which covers mortgage and utilities but Robin does have to work full-time in order to help us make the rest of our expenses. All that and she does all the cooking, all the cleaning, all the laundry, all the making the beds, pays the bills and manages our budget. Plus she stays in touch with you directly children making sure that they know that their mom and dad love them.

How does she do it? I mean really, how does she do it? I’m sure she never pictured this life when we got married. I wish I could send her on a vacation someplace with spas and warm and all the things that she loves. Surely she needs a me vacation or vacation from me. I would.

I will update tomorrow when I know more if I know more. I’m hoping for a short stay. It would be swell if tonight is the only night that I sleep in this bed. But whatever the Lord wants and whatever his desire is that’s what I want. Maybe he has me meeting someone tomorrow who needs some encouragement and picking up. That would be cool. I’m confident that he has me in his hand and I trust him.

All you readers who are waiting for transplant, don’t be discouraged by my story. If I had it all to do over again I would certainly do it. Each day I get a little stronger. But recovery does take work. My liver transplant friend Tim told me that after transplant we have to adjust to the new normal. At this stage in the road bumps are normal.

I appreciate all you who email me and ask me questions and that I have the chance to maybe encourage you to keep fighting the fight. Every day, no matter how painful, is another day alive to fight and another day closer to transplant. Be strong and courageous. (that’s straight out of the old book that I like to read called the Bible.)

I guess the good news to report is after my CAT scan they discovered no cats. I really dislike cats a lot.


About Scott Linscott

Living life to the fullest, walking in the dust of my Rabbi, creating art through photography and written word, speaking words of hope wherever and whenever the opportunity arises.
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6 Responses to Status update

  1. Anonymous says:

    Pastor Scott- u absolutely impress me. Where can I find a man like u? Here u r, going thru ur own crisis and u take time to recog what ur wife is going thru. Women (incl me) will walk 100 mi for their man, most just want to be appreciated. Unfortunately, I find myself doing a lot and never getting much back or finding out Ive dated a creep (btw, men get good at hiding this at 38). HATS off to u. Many men who are well, not only dont give appreciation, but take all they can w/o appreciation, much less giving back.

    A friend of mine from ME sends me some of ur updates. Reason: both of us have been going thru HUGE trials, just of a dif variety. U seem to be coming out of urs, but Im losing hope. : (

    I think everyone is hoping of ur safe returns.


    • Hang in there!

      Please don’t compare the me of 49 years old with the me at 38! At 38 I was career-driven and task-oriented so much so that I left a lot of damage in my wake.

      We change a lot as we age. We mellow. I am thankful my wife was patient while we were growing in our relationship.

  2. More time to play, “Rock, Paper, Scissors, Lizard, Spock”

  3. FloridaVet says:

    I am glad that they found not cats in you. It brings a whole new meaning to “You will be so mad that you will have kittens”. My VA doctors are going to check me for cats next month. Actually they are going to look for a obstruction that may be due to scar tissue. BTW, I noticed that your doctors did a great job at giving you a belly button. Mine gave up on me and now I just have an 8 inch horizontal line. Make the kids at the beach look at me funny, but I suppose that could be my other scar that looks like I was bitten by a shark. Makes for a good story though. God grants us humor to help us through the difficult times. Continue to let Jesus shine through you and you can’t go wrong. God bless my friend, I’ve got you in my prayers.


  4. Scott, so happy that they found no cats.. that was a big concern of mine.. While being back where you started this transplant journey is disappointing, I can’t think of anyplace safer for you at this moment in time. The only place safer is in the arms of Jesus and I’m willing to bet he’s had your back this whole time… even when you didn’t feel it… As for your angel wife Robin, we women are a lot stronger than you know … and when it comes to getting our sweethearts back to good health, we are fierce and will do whatever it takes. Every day is a gift… every milestone is a blessing.. and you, my young friend, are an inspiration… stay strong and get well … we have never met but I’m convinced you should get back in the pulpit and I want to be there when you do… You have an amazing story to tell… sending you hugs and all the love your heart can hold… (and just so you know, your Aunt Betty and I grew up together on Munjoy Hill)

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