Yow, I’ve got the funk …

Que the disco music. “we’ve got the funk … Gotta have that funk.” My funk is a little different though. No magic bus has come by to pick me up to take me to funky town. My funk don’t dance.

Absolutely no motivation today. I dozed a lot. Laid on the couch a lot. Ate some food. I really didn’t move a whole lot. I was a bad boy.

It’s weird, as much as I know I need to continue to work on getting better, there are days when I just don’t seem to have it in me. My get up and go got up and went.

It’s 3 AM now and I’m still laying on the couch. why? I guess I just don’t want to spend the energy trying to get up and walking into the bedroom and changing positions. That’s pretty pathetic right?

Josh and I watched our favorite zombie show until probably around 2 AM and then I played some Tiger Woods xbox golf and now I’m blogging.

It looks like my final drain has stopped draining. No more gross yellowish greenish bile soaking little baby infant diapers taped to my stomach. That was such a pain having to change the dressing 2,3,4 times a day. It was pretty gross too.

Okay I need a trainer to kick my butt or something. I need some motivation for this day ahead. I can’t afford another holiday. Got to get out there and walk. Sit upright. And use my muscle groups.

First things first though, I have to pull myself together, get up and go to my bedroom to lay in our comfortable bed. Ugh, it seems like so much effort. Maybe I’ll just realign my pillows and stay right here.

The mean trainer lady on the Biggest Loser would kick my butt and make me cry. But she’s not here so I’m not going to worry about that.

Other stuff?
1. The swelling in my feet and legs has finally gone down.
2. I’ve lost the majority of my water weight. I’m now at 181 pounds. A lot of people don’t recognize me anymore. I think that’s kind of funny.
3. We go back to Lahey Thursday for follow up, blood work and stuff. I bet they’ll pull this last tube out of me. The worst part of that is I remember when they pulled the last one out. It’s quick but, um, it’s not real enjoyable. Pray they give me something to deaden the ouchies
4. Josh is going on bike rides, swinging golf clubs and doing quite a bit of moving. He looks great and his recovery is probably almost 100%.
5. Prayer needs:
– healing
– stamina and motivation
– alone time for Robin to recharge
– that my liver grow and that all numbers stay perfect – no rejection, no complications

Well it’s 3:30 AM now thunder is rolling outside, lightning is lighting up our windows so I think I’m just going to opt for rearranging my pillows and spending the night on the couch.

“Owwww I’ve got the funk … gotta have that funk …”


About Scott Linscott

Living life to the fullest, walking in the dust of my Rabbi, creating art through photography and written word, speaking words of hope wherever and whenever the opportunity arises.
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8 Responses to Yow, I’ve got the funk …

  1. Awesome to see that you set a goal to walk to the end of your road by noon today. My prayer is that you were successful with this goal. Setting small, achievable goals brings you closer to complete healing. Our Lord and King is right there with you every single day.

  2. spk says:

    I have never faced the kind of challenge you are battling, Scott, so I have no practical advice. My bet is I’d be feeling the same way. So I can only pray for you to recover your motivation as your body continues to work out the miracle. I’m confident, though, that you will turn that corner; you are a fighter, a gift God has written into you. Hang with it. Dial up Leland’s “Brighter Days” maybe. Sing, brother, whenever you can.

  3. Wendy says:

    Hey Scott!

    I don’t care how much funk you got right now! This post that I just read is so exciting! You stayed up and watched movies and played xbox and still had the energy to write a cohesive blog post. 🙂 Yes! You do need to get up and get your butt out of bed and reposition yourself, but I’m so excited about your progress. Happy to hear that the draining is tapering off. Pulling out those drains is not comfy at all, so I hope if they do it, they either give you something or it’s fast.

    Still in my prayers!


  4. Dawna Lamson says:

    Bob & I will definitely pray for motivation – deep, steady motivation – because we know it’s important to your recovery. You’ve come this far and must see it through. That said, you’ve been through an extended and very difficult and painful time, one you did not know the outcome to. Will it end? How will it end? When will it end? I can imagine being on this side of a transplant (and knowing there are still some risks), it could be hard to accept that the trial might really, very soon to be a thing of the past – something the LInscott family will reflect back on saying, “Remember when…? Remember how…?” It’s ok to give yourself a little room to adjust, to let disbelief and shock filter out as reality sets in. Your mind and body have been through so much. I don’t believe God has carried you this far to dump you and your family on your heads. I have no doubt He has surrounded you with all the support and motivators you need to keep you moving forward in your recovery. Let their energy, love and excitement energize you until you can hold your own charge. And remember that Josh’s role in this was not like yours. You were depleted when you underwent surgery and he was full of youthful vigor. It’s natural that he would recovery more quickly. You’ll get there!

  5. Penny Renfro says:

    Prayers for you Scott during this time of healing. Very happy for you and your family. I lost my Davie on April 7th to cirrhosis of the liver/fatty liver disease. He was turned down for transplant due to the severity of his diabetest but UVA Charlottesville allowed us to spend 10 months thinking he was going to be on the list. I still don’t fully understand because what they said was what they knew from Day 1 and every test he had done as well as every Dr. told us they saw no reason for him not to be on the list. It was very heartbreaking. David was my soul mate and the love of my life. When you get to feeling down, disheartened, in a “funk”, think about your family and how blessed you are. I’m sure working towards recovery has to be very difficult as David had lost so much energy and could hardly even stand up so I understand how far you probably have to come from. Take baby steps. Take a step for your wife, for your son, for yourself and for my Davie who wasn’t allowed that opportunity. Best of health to you and your son and may you find that motivation and energy to get you on the road to recovery. Blessings!

    • Thank you so much Penny. My heart has been broken numerous times over the last year watching friends die waiting or suddenly taken off the list.

      You’re right. My gift is much to precious to squander w laziness. Today I will walk to the end of our road by noon

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