Little Green Button Affect

WARNING: Use of the green button can cause the inability to correctly express what is being thought.

You are probably aware that Scott has asked me to blog while he is in stages of recovery(or at time loopy from meds). I expect this to only be temporary as my brothers love for writing is one of his passions.   We all laughed and kidded in pre op when the nurse warned of heavy medication causing abnormal behavior.  Why because we know Scott-normal? Such a jokester! He immediately grinned and said “ooh, I can get away with a lot then.”

The more the green button is pushed because of his pain level the more bizarre the effects.  Son in law Jake Groom updated his pain level chart in his room as a warning for the nurses to understand just who they are dealing with.

Scott loves to make people smile and laugh, so if you see a post that is confusing or contains unintelligible comments it is probably the green button affect(maybe).

About Scott Linscott

Living life to the fullest, walking in the dust of my Rabbi, creating art through photography and written word, speaking words of hope wherever and whenever the opportunity arises.
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4 Responses to Little Green Button Affect

  1. Gary Taylor says:

    Well, Sis (looked, can’t find your other name), nice job. According to my family, I AM the Green Button. It’s good to be reminded that my normal state is not. Normal. It’s why I am praying for Scott and Josh. It’s like we’re in the same club.

  2. Love the updates, love the updated pain chart drawings!
    Praying and claiming God’s power for you Scott.
    Can I borrow the green button for a client of mine?
    Ok I was trying to be humorous like you Scott.

    Blessings, Gina

  3. Bill Pinson says:

    The Green Button assisted me in buying a Coke Machine on Ebay the night after I came on the floor from ICU. Sitting beside me now.

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