Mail, Meals, Caregivers and details …


* Cards are fine but if you feel you must do more, please do not send flowers (allergies). Fruit, goodies, silliness are best. I’d rather you save your money to send a kid to camp.

(if mailed before 5/15)
c/o Lahey Clinic
41 mall rd

(Mailed After 5/15)
Scott, Donald or Baldo Linscott
5 Village Lane
Westbrook, ME 04092
(if it arrives before i am released, someone wil bring it to me)

Release may be as early as 5/17 or longer and 5/21+ – all we can do is guess. Josh will be home the 12th or 13th

MEALS?: If you’ld like to help by bringing a meal, Josh should be home May 13 unless you read an update. Scott should be home around May 20. 

  • Think high protein and avoid very high salt content- beef, chicken, pork. Non-fishy fish is possibility but pretty risky.
  • Salads – fiber is good! Also fruit, potato, three-bean, etc…
  • Stews, crock pot meals, pasta dishes (parm, meat sauce or meatballs, mac and cheese)
  • burgers, baked fries
  • Corn on the cob, frozen or fresh steamed carrots, brocolli, peas, green beans
  • baked potatoes, stuffed peppers
  • Casseroles

If you are able to come and sit to keep an eye oeach on our patients, please contact Scott’s sister Gloria at mailto: . Caregivers might make some meals, and wake them up to give medications (we will have charts). Scott will have a visiting nurse taking care of changing the wound dressing. Bring a book, do some chores, etc… And then, take them for walks. Josh will be fine but they want Scott walking 4 times a day.



About Scott Linscott

Living life to the fullest, walking in the dust of my Rabbi, creating art through photography and written word, speaking words of hope wherever and whenever the opportunity arises.
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