Like rollerskating in a buffalo herd

Who does that, anyway? Rollerskating in a buffalo is impractical. The buffalo are big and the ground is most likely dirt and grass or gravel. I think it’s dumb.

I’ve been trying to think of an illustration to describe Thursday. Maybe like taking candy from a baby? Candy from a baby is easy. Maybe “taking candy from a rabid baby” is better?

I haven’t come up with a fitting illustration to say that I started Thursday feeling at peace. I ended it feeling scared and nervous. The rabid baby chewed me up a little.

7:30 – Be at pre-op. They send us to the blood lab. My list includes checking for cocaine, pot and drugs I’ve never heard of. If I got a positive result on any of them I’d be booted to the curb like a stray cat coming to my door …9:45 – Why were we here at 7:30? Owww, my bum hurts … Paperwork, consent forms, meet with anesthesia and learn how I will get put out. “Um, can you knock me out now and wake me after it’s done?” Thud! My joke hit the floor without nary a smile. (Challenge: Use “nary” in a sentence tomorrow.)

Josh at Lahey.

10:00 Family meeting for Josh. 11:00 I meet with Dr. Gordon. Nice guy. Sense of humor. I like him. 1:00 Meet with my surgeon, Dr, Pompaceli. He draws pretty liver pictures and uses big words. I like him too. I bet he uses “nary” in conversation a lot! He tells me about a million complications that can kill me. I don’t like that. 1:30 – My family meeting with a me doll – except he has hair.

2:45 – Ultrasound. Is it just me or are they really just looking at radar weather maps? My tech is gentle like a yak. I tell her stuff hurts and she says, “Sorry, we’re almost done.” How long is “almost?” Mathematically: A=(time)x pain:1-10 + yak to the 10th . With my yak tech, “almost” was much too long. 3:30 Squeeze into my little clown car and hit every bump for 102 miles.

From peace to nervousness and fear in 8 short hours. Maybe the buffalo thing works after all. I’m pumped about my new roller skates but I can’t seem to get those buffalo out of my head.

Friday, May 4 Update:

Spent today hanging out, resting up my sore back, laying on a heating pad and enjoying listening to Josh play and sing. My pal Bob brought lunch and hung out with me. He read Psalm 27 to me and then prayed. I love that Yankee-lover guy and the way we razz each other.

What else? Oh yeah, I remember … Josh and I went buffalo hunting. We wheeled n there a I said, “Drain me again. I dare ya.” They sucked out 1400 ml more from my left lung cavity. Then we skated out of there with heads held high.

About Scott Linscott

Living life to the fullest, walking in the dust of my Rabbi, creating art through photography and written word, speaking words of hope wherever and whenever the opportunity arises.
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4 Responses to Like rollerskating in a buffalo herd

  1. Hal Cushing says:

    When reading these, on the side bar ads was an ad for bison meat…thought you guys had run one over…Thought June 23rd would be a sunny, warm day/evening for a 6:30-8:30 fundraiser cruise. No need to answer right back. I think you’ll be a bit busy. “When you pass through the waters, I will be with you…For I am the Lord your God, The Holy One of Israel, your Savior.” Is. 43:2-3 Praying for all of you guys, Hal

  2. lobrien says:

    I am thinking about you and your faith and I know these struggles are rough, God’s hand is in all of this you are a blessing. we keep you in our prayers. See you when your better !!!!

  3. bonnietauwala says:

    I’ve been thinking of you a lot this week. I SOOOOO wanted to pop in to give you and Robin each a big hug on Wednesday when I was in Westbrook, but my work includes wiping little noses for kids who just can’t seem to get over one cold before they come down with the next nasty one. So I wished a hug or two for each of you into the air as I drove by and sent a (MORE-effective-than-a-hug) prayer up to Abba for you all. Wednesday night, I urged those middle schoolers gathered to study The Book to pray for you through the weekend, and on Monday, with some real InTenSiTy.
    Then, on Friday, as I went to work with those little kids with runny noses, I gushed to my workmates about how excited I was that this was your last workday with a lousy, diseased liver. I’m sure my workmates are getting tired of my talking about you, but what else am I supposed to do? You, Robin, Josh, Shara, JakeX2 – you’re all part of my FAMILY, and, although I may not stay in touch in person that much and I don’t call, I’m very much concerned with what’s going on with you.
    So, before I get gushy and mushy, grab a virtual hug each, and know that I’m not gonna let ABBA off the line with my pestering for your health and well-being while you’re taking your loooooonnnnnnng naps on Monday and the doctors are practicing their cutting and stitching skills. I’m going to keep talking to Him all day long about you, even if I have to turn to wipe a goopy little nose or correct someone’s counting or reading during the middle of my ongoing dialogue. And I’ll most certainly be looking for the next comments that you two brothers-in-faith of mine are in recovery, and Robin hasn’t passed out with exhausted worry.
    He who began a good work in you will be faithful to complete it to the end. The next chapter is just beginning!
    Bonnie (who formerly didn’t count 🙂 )

    PS. Epi commented a week or so ago that most parents look at their kids and say things like, “He’s got MY eyes”, or “She’s got her mother’s nose”; but Josh is going to be one of the few ‘kids’ in the world who will be able to look at his dad and say, “He’s got MY liver.”

  4. FloridaVet says:

    Scott, hang in there the time is almost here! I didn’t get to have the lead up anticipation like you are having, but I have to tell you I understand what you are thinking. Plus you are concerned for your son too. That would be my biggest concern. Honestly the worst apprehension that I had was when they wheeled me into the operating room, it was so full of stuff. The doctors and nurses made it a point to keep my spirits up and to prepare me quickly to be knocked out. I think they told be to think about somewhere that I like to be and then I was out. When they woke me up the next day everything was a little blurry and I just did as they told me to do, but I felt lot better. I realized this the next morning when I woke up and felt warm for the first time in almost two years, without layers of clothes on. This is going to go great! I’ve got my church and my small group praying for you. God has some big plans for you my friend. I ask God to put and keep peace in your and Josh’s hearts throughout this time.

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