Things just got urgent for a transplant – defining “urgency”

How would you define “urgency?” For me, I can be just cruising along and then WHACK!  something is urgent. Examples?

My toddler sat in his big boy undies. “Daddy, I gotta go potty,” comes from the back seat of the car. Oh crap, I’m NOT mommy with her giant everything bag for accidents. I’m Hey-What-Could-Go-Wrong Daddy. Mommy isn’t here, this is a daddy trip. I started trying to assess the urgency of the situation by reasoning with my two-year-old. I ask the thing all parents ask, “Can you wait, Pal?” Um, what 2-year-old can wait for anything?

“Nooooooo, Daddy.” Click, click … up goes the urgency and I start trying to figure out how to avoid disaster. The Spider Man Underoos must remain clean. My mind started racing – no stores, no port-a-johns and no empty soda bottles rolling on the floor. Then it hit me, my little guy just said “potty” and I assumed we might face the thing little boys definition of fun – aim out the car door and see how far you can reach. What if “potty”meant most every daddy’s dread???

“What kind of potty buddy? Pee?,” I said not even introducing the hazmat possibility. “Stinky, daddy!” he said with a little wine and starting to wiggle. Defcon five we are here! The only option is a bush. It’ time for action! I find a place to pull over in between some houses where it’s a little wooded and get him out of his Fort Knox car seat with him wiggling like a herring. I tell him the plan as the shock grows on his face and then hear my least favorite words, “Daddy, Mommy wouldn’t …”

I give him a quick talk about us being bears and we all know where bears go. He squats and roars and says, “You too daddy?” So, I decided to pee for solidarity. The door to the closest house opens. I clean him up with leaves – “Mommy has wipies…” Ugh.

The new urgency is to get out of there while the home owner walks down the driveway. I give a quick wave looking innocent and we make a quick exit with me hoping he didn’t get my plate numbers.

The urgency has passed. My pal is humming in his seat when he sees my eyes in the rearview mirror. He says, “We’re bears, right daddy?”

I think, “Oh great, I wonder when this story  will  first be broadcast in an embarrassing setting?”

I’m sure you have your own examples of escalating urgency; paying the light bill, thesis presentation tomorrow, forgotten anniversary, etc.

Yesterday at Lahey Clinic the transplant atmosphere shifted to urgent. Before yesterday things were a little laid back with talk being that transplant might happen late summer, fall or even in 2013. Yesterday I was told to pack a bag and keep it in the car and be ready to get the call at any moment if a matching cadavar liver becomes available. If Josh gets the final official okay as a living donor, the schedule will be set.

They told me that every issue now needs to be treated at Lahey and not MMC. If I can’t breathe, we’re Burlington bound. Fever? Burlington. Having me there, my team told us, insures they can transplant if systems fail. If I am at MMC and that happens, they explained, I would not survive being transported.


We talked about when to use the Life Flight from MMC. Now we need to call MMC and find out how that works. If my softball-sized hernia from ascities fluids becomes painfull, hard, discolored it is time for a 911 helicopter ride.

They squeezed me in for the pre-op meeting with my anesthesia doc so that won’t slow me down at transplant. They got me in for a chest xray and squeezed me in to have a pulimary evaluation.

And they said, “if we have time” they want to tap my belly fluid, meet with the allergist who pricks my skin with little doses of medicine that could be used in transplant to see if any of them display a reaction. Lastly, they might do a chest CT to be sure my lung has no obstruction.

Urgency. Yesterday we, figuratively speaking, pulled the car over to take care of business. Urgency. If a liver becomes available through Josh or cadavar donor, I will have a new liver by summer.

If you’re the praying type, pray specifically for this list:

1) That I stay infection free. PLEASE don’t visit if you have any type of bug or have been around someone who does. Be bug-free for 10 days before you visit.
2) Pray that my hernia will not become an issue.
3) Pray that draining my fluid will be uneventful. Scheduled May 2 and Dr Tien said they might remove up to 10 liters.
4) Smooth surgery for Josh (if matched) and I and good recovery.
5) Hope and peace for my wife and family.
6) Funds. We’ve raised about $10K of the $50K minimum needed. The NTAF decided to change their name to HelpHopeLive and rather than keep the old web address active (cheap), they let go of it. That means EVERY link, poster, card and ticket that enourages online giving is wrong. Ugh! You can find it now at to make an online gift to help us.

About Scott Linscott

Living life to the fullest, walking in the dust of my Rabbi, creating art through photography and written word, speaking words of hope wherever and whenever the opportunity arises.
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3 Responses to Things just got urgent for a transplant – defining “urgency”

  1. kathy says:

    scott, i have been following your blog for months and as i sit here and read again you have been at lahey multiple times on the days my husband has. You will be at the hospital on may 2nd as will my husband for his liver transplant donated by my daughter. As I have lost my faith through much of these years and wonder how this all could happen to good people I am finding that reading your story has began to restore my faith. you being a man of god and the fact that you have been in the hospital on the days my husband has been admitted for various things coupled with the fact that you will be there on May 2nd makes me believe that maybe you have brought to us the prayers we need. I will be praying for you on May 2nd that all goes well with you as I pray for my husband and daughter as they enter the OR

  2. Gary Taylor says:

    Scott, I’m waaay too busy to stop to comment, let alone pray. But your post compels me. To do both. With meaning and heart. Am printing to carry around today (having spent 6 hours trying to win against hacker on my blog). Am saving this for when my time comes. “Stinky” says it all. But stinky can be prevented or cleaned up. When all else fails, the Rose of Sharon can administer his Fragrance of Grace. Let’s count on it.

  3. FloridaVet says:

    Hang in there Scott, you are in the final inning! You’ve rounded third and are on your way to home plate. The paracentesis is not as painful as would be expected. They do use local numbing. I had it done numerous times and you will feel much better after the fluid is removed. Hang on my Christian brother, prayers are flooding in for you. This one is going to be a home run! Just a little more patience now. I pray that God sends His angels to guard you and give you awareness of their presence while you are going through this. May the Holy Spirit give you the strength to continue when you have none of your own. And may God bless your family with peace and surety concerning this illness.

    Take care my brother,

    Tim Coyle

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