How do I explain my deal when I’m unsure myself?

My Kidney Glands are bad.

How do I explain my situation when I’m not even sure myself. I’ll try…

I’ve been in the hospital 10 of the last 18 days. I went in with my sodium level at 114. I didn’t have a clue that 114 is life-threatening!

I spent the week with a stubborn doc who had no interest in working with my transplant docs. He increased my diuretics and gave me salt pills to take. Yes, Salt pills! They got me to 121. I pretended to take the diuretics my last two days, that’s when my numbers went up. Coincidence? Maybe. He convinced me to take them when I went in. So … I did.  A few days later I was back in the hospital with a sodium level of 116.

This time Doctor Stefan and my Lahey transplant team were in charge of my care. They ordered the kidney consult after a few days suspecting adrenal issues. YUPP! That was it.No diuretics, sodium still crazy, decided to look for secondary issues.

The sodium thing is confusing! Some think the answer to to eat salt. I’ve had some great and very tempting suggestions: eating a delicious fried clams and yummies fisherman’s platter with fries enjoying laughs with my pal Glenn; Chinese food; pier fries; salt and vinegar chips. MY MOUTH IS WATERING! But that’s a different kind sodium. I learned that last week. It’s dietary sodium. The sodium I need is blood serum sodium.

They figured out my problem Thursday. The adrenal glands on my kidneys are dead! These glands regulate serum sodium in healthy people. Ahha! (More info)

I will be readmitted this week so they can figure out dosage and balance of hormone to replace my dead glands.

I may be in quite awhile. That’s fine with me! Let’s get it figured out! Why a while? They have to find the right dosage. We need a maintenance dosage because one that keep raising it is bad, too high is dangerous. Here’s what could take so long:

DAY 1. They give me the dosage and then message range over the next two day. Too much? I wait one more day.
DAY 5. They give me another dose. Watch results over 5 days.
DAY 10. They give me another dose. Monitor over 5 days. And then set dosage for me to take at home. (i.e. 2 times a week)

Hopefully I am a case that a daily dose takes care of it and I’ll be home by the weekend. The smaller my dose, the longer I will be in.

If you want to come visit me, I won’t tell if you smuggle in Doritos Cool Ranch or Salt and Vinegar chips and a Coke, I won’t tell! 🙂

About Scott Linscott

Living life to the fullest, walking in the dust of my Rabbi, creating art through photography and written word, speaking words of hope wherever and whenever the opportunity arises.
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2 Responses to How do I explain my deal when I’m unsure myself?

  1. midge says:

    Finally!! Glad to hear that they know the culprit. I’d love to come visit while you’re in… will check my schedule for the week.

  2. Dear Scott,

    I am not pleased that you have to go back to the hospital again. However, I am VERY pleased that they have figured out what the problem is and are going to help you and that God has given doctors the wisdom to figure these things out. My thoughts, prayers, and love are with your family.


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