My faith is gone

Like the disappearing woman in a magician’s cabinet, my faith disappears without a trace over and over in one circumstance every time. Read on and I’ll explain.

It was just a couple week’s ago, when I received a message from a woman who was upset that I’d allow a fundraising event to be held at a UCC church. She also criticized me for hiding my faith in public and including no mention of it in newspaper interviews, TV news and columns.

I admit, I was kinda ticked. No one has ever accused me of being ashamed of my faith. I’ve had plenty of legalists criticize me for my music choices, clothing, reading list but that’s to be expected. They’ve got checklists of what “Christians” do and cannot do. Read Harry Potter and (Booyah!)you lose your salvation. Wear jeans to their service and you don’t love God enough to give Him your best. I’ve always committed to loving these folks with Grace like my Jesus has loved me.

When does my faith disappear without a trace? When I get interviewed by newspapers and TV stations, my faith gets edited out. I had a television interview that lasted 90 minutes. The reporter asked what keeps me going, what I do on difficult days. We talked about my trusting my God, praying and reading the Word. We talked about how the family of God helps and support someone when we are weak. I spent about 15 minutes sharing my faith with her and we talked about it being the core of my hope. When the 90 minutes was edited down to less than 90 seconds, there was never a mention of my faith and hope in Jesus. NOTHING! Not even a hint.

The same has been true of every newspaper article and column. I have shared the foundation of my life with every single one of them. They all ask what I do to manage and face the darkest, pain-filled days. My answer has always been the Hope of the Jesus I follow. When the story goes to print, my faith disappears every single time.

At least some of them include a link to my Facebook page or blog. I think I’ve been pretty clear here. If you think my blog hasn’t been bold enough in communicating what makes me tick, there’s nothing I can offer you except to love you with the Grace my Jesus has given me.

I promise you, if I get to go on live I’ll wear John 3:16 eyeblack patches, do a Tebow and say, “I owe everything I am to my Lord and savior Jesus Christ” while I point skyward. Until then, I’ll just share my faith with reporters and hope some of them might mention it.

This is my favorite song right now. I sing it or listen over and over when I’m suffering. As you listen, I think you’ll see why.

If Grace is an ocean, I am certainly drowning.

* WARNING FOR LEGALISTS: this music links to YOUtube. Some bad people post things there. Just don’t click to play it.

NOTE: Please do not judge the woman for giving me criticism. She’s doing her best to follow after Jesus just like me. She gave me the opportunity to explain how interviews work.

About Scott Linscott

Living life to the fullest, walking in the dust of my Rabbi, creating art through photography and written word, speaking words of hope wherever and whenever the opportunity arises.
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12 Responses to My faith is gone

  1. Julie Goodwin says:

    Thank you. Your faith does not dissappear.
    The testimony you give is a seed. Some will grow, some will be discarded.
    But you have been faithful.
    Beautiful song, also.
    Blessings to you and yours.

  2. I read the local papers but not sure why since I know 80% is their view and not what is actually being done or said. Don’t change a thing about yourself Scott – God is going to get you through this through your faith in Him. And that woman’s negativity will come back to haunt her unless she finds Jesus.

  3. Aunt Betty says:

    Scott, I am so sorry you have to explaine your faith to others. People who know you know you have a great faith and love for our Lord Jesus. I know I wish I had at least half of what you share with us… [faith] Is the [a] church not the place, we should go if we need help,in any way. The church can help even if it is to let you use the building for a worthy reason. Please don’t let it get to you. I f Jesus stop his jounery every time some one tried to stop him . I would hate to think what my world would be. I thank you Scott for who you are and what you are. . I am not afraid to tell the world that I love and I am with you 100% for my nephew Scott Linscott

  4. Hal Cushing says:

    Good fro you…shame on critics. After a person gets interviewed for the ‘news’, one really get to know how ‘editing’ works. Guess we would have never seen Jesus walking around with John 3:16 on his garments…wait, it wasn’t written until after He went back to heaven. At least He did not have to wear a WWJD bracelet. If the criticisms were not so hurtful, they would be funny. So glad Calvary covers it all. Hal

  5. Don Flewelling says:

    My faith is gone… the title made me do a double take… I considered that some pain inflicted on you by some treatment that couldn’t be avoided… something so awful that it would cause you to doubt…

    Needless to say, I love how the story turned out!

    Keep the Faith and remember His Word doesn’t return to him out void!

  6. If that young lady ,really knows you ? Then and not ever is it her place to judge you.hummmm thought that job belonged to our GOD.seems like alot of christians ONLY TAKE FROM THE BIBLE WHAT THEY WANT.,maybe it makes them feel important ,rather the compassionate.And that my friend is why i am not a person who is big on religion,give me reletionship all day long.And as far as you giving GOD the glory,has she ever heard of the enquiring minds want to know,ya right ,they never tell you what the person actually did or said ,especially if it may be posotive or even worse have the word “GOD” IN IT.LORD KNOWS THAT WOULDN’T BE FOR GOOD READY.

  7. Anonymous says:

    You are a beautiful reflection of the Master. The price of God’s glory shining in our lives is brokenness. The cost is high, but so is the benefit. And aside from that, there is no alternative. You are seeing what God has also been showing me. The Church needs God’s grace. Apart from it, it is ugly and judgemental. We need to pray for our brothers and sisters who can’t see that. “I keep asking that the eyes of their hearts may be enlightened.”(Eph.1:16-19) I thank God for your faithfulness. Praying with and for you brother.

  8. Anonymous says:

    What a beautiful reflection you are of the Master. How He loves us!
    Brokenness is always the price of God’s glory shining in our lives. The cost is high, but so is the benefit. And aside from that there is no alternative. You are seeing exactly what God is showing me in the Church. We need to pray for our brothers and sister who just aren’t “there yet”. Thank you for using your gifts to encourage others, I am thankful to God for you. > Kelly

  9. Anonymous says:

    I take great comfort knowing He knows my heart! And only God knows our hearts. I want to believe that the lady who criticized thought she was helping you and your cause so that in the future you would share your faith, not knowing or understanding you always did and will continue to do.


  10. Carre Gardner says:

    It’s so crushing when the people who are supposed to be Family–to assume the best of you, shore you up, cheer you on–cut you down instead. Sometimes, a hundred encouraging remarks can’t compensate from one undeserved criticism from a fellow believer. :/

    • I look for a kernel of truth in every critic’s words. The woman who criticized me is yet another imperfect human being … like me and you.

      When I get criticism, I ask 3 questions before I decide what to do.

      1) Consider the source. Is it from someone who has a reputation for being a critic of everything? If yes,my evaluation is done.

      2) Is the source a friend? The bible says wounds from a friend can be trusted.

      3) Does the source know any of the backstory or is he/she simply misinformed? Should I fill them in?

      If my friend Bill, Jim, Bob, or Phil offers criticism, I immediately take notice. If the source is known for leaving a wake of hurt feelings, stirring up fights and never being happy, I ignore their words and move on.

  11. Tim Coyle says:

    The secular community just doesn’t want to hear about faith, hope, and a loving God. They want to count things as miracles of the medical community, perseverance through a strong will, or going on because of the support of family. While all of these things are at work in our lives, it is our God whom we have faith in and gracefully provides us with what we need to continue on. Scott, I urge you to continue spreading the seed of the Gospel to everyone you come into contact with. There will always be some seed that will take root and impact someones life.

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