And back to the doctor’s office I go …

My couch companion, Skittles.

This is crazy. Evidently, I did too much. “Too much” means something entirely different in my life now. It used to mean unloading a ton of pellets, or shoveling heavy snow. Now, it means gardening or pushing a little lawn mower. Seriously?!?!

Somehow I pulled the muscle that goes across the front of my ribs on the left side. It feels like cracked ribs. Do you know what side I sleep on? Yeah, my left side. It’s not all that painful unless I breathe, laugh or move. And sneeze? I don’t even want to talk about sneezing!

Then, my groin muscles started cramping up this weekend. Yeah, both at once. Geezum crow that hurts “wicked bad,” as we Mainers say. I hobbled around like Tim Conway playing the old man on the Carol Burnett Show. Cramping calves, hands, feet, hamstrings and now groin muscles? I called the on-call doc who told me that they normally prescribe a muscle relaxant but they can’t do that because of my liver. She told me to use heat and wished me luck. I’ve been using Mineral Ice by the tub. My sis found it for me at Big Lots for $2 a jar.

Yeah, I’ve eaten more bananas than a monkey. I drink more water than ever. The advice is swarming me like black flies in the Maine woods.

So, here I go … back to the doctors office and blood lab. They want to measure some levels of something.

I’ve got to lie low for a couple days since I “over did it.” Well, at least my little friend Skittles will like that.

That will give me plenty of time to put the final touches on my web design website at Keep praying for web design clients and refer me to others, if you would. Skittles likes to eat. 🙂


About Scott Linscott

Living life to the fullest, walking in the dust of my Rabbi, creating art through photography and written word, speaking words of hope wherever and whenever the opportunity arises.
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3 Responses to And back to the doctor’s office I go …

  1. aunt Betty says:

    I do the rib thing evry once in the while. I just lay around until it stops. Good luck honey

  2. Hi Scott,

    I’ve had one of those weeks too. The Lupus decided it was going to flair and flair and flair to no end. Being so new to it, I still can’t tell what is heart related and what is actually Lupus related. Every ache makes me feel like I’m dying and eventually, every ache will kill me – just not today. Like you, I am in the waiting cycle – having to wait for everything. Like you, the smallest little activity wears me out. Since there isn’t much that I can do for myself, I have taken comfort in praying for others. Yes, I do pray for myself – but I pray for others and I pray for them ALOT. Of course, I am praying for you every single day and I will not strop praying for you. You are being so brave and I am so proud of you. Thanks for keeping us posted – I’m passing these on to my FB friends.


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