Dear mom, liver camp stinks, send Icy Hot.

I’m tired. Wiped out. Exhausted. So, some bullet points:

  • We are at home.531 Allen Ave., Portland, ME 04103. We flew back from Orlando Saturday night. Sorry for the confusion. It’s good to be at home.
  • Made it through today with only two crying episodes. One came with a visit from a friend we don’t know well yet. She came in and prayed with me and blessed us with a gift. I wept. The second came in reading an email from a man who was one of my students in my first ministry. I hope to share some of it with you Wednesday.
  • Enjoyed a visit with a close friend tonight. We talked, prayed, laughed. I miss A.J. a lot and would like to be riding my bike with him again soon. It was a great encouragement to me.
  • No contact with the Lahey Clinic today. I left messages and will hopefully get a return call soon.
  • Wednesday I get to have more blood tests because the doctors want to make sure my kidneys are working well because of the diuretic I am on draining the fluid that is in my big, ole belly. It’s called “ascites” (When liver damage progresses to an advanced stage, fluid collects in the legs, called edema, and in the abdomen, called ascites. ) The drug they have me on can cause kidney problems. (Nothing’s easy, I guess.)
  • Wednesday afternoon I meet with a nurse practitioner to check my pneumonia. I’m hoping for good news but it still is very hard to breathe.
  • We are just so blessed by so many people loving on us. Some are asking about visiting. I love visitors. If ya call first it works best. Otherwise, you might catch me snoring. Please don’t feel you need to bring me anything but if you must, avoid plants and flowers (allergies) and I am on a low sodium diet of 2000mg of sodium a day. Fruits, veggies, DVD movies (I’m bored) are all good but please don’t feel like you have to bring something.
  • My joints are killing me today. I have no idea if that’s related to liver disease. I’ve been using ICY HOT like cologne (clears Robin’s sinuses).
  • Sleep. I sleep in little bursts. This diuretic makes me have to pee every thirty minutes and that wakes me. But, if I don’t drink I get kill-me-now leg cramps. Ever get a calf cramp at night? That’s it except it’s in my calves, my hands, my shins (weird, huh?) and in my toes. Ow ow ow. I’m hoping for solid sleep tonight.
  • An epiphany! My friend Mark Geddicks encouraged me with some scripture today. I realized that I am not afraid of death … I am afraid of suffering. My own and my loved ones. Not sure what to do with that yet … but I have plenty of time to lay around and think and pray to process.
  • I am trying to keep up with all the Facebook messages, posts and email but am falling behind. I so appreciate all the prayer and love. Forgive me if I don’t get right back to you.
  • This weekend our church plant is going away for a weekend retreat of sabbath rest. No meetings, no schedules – just rest and fellowship and time to seek God. Please pray for my strength. I love these people so much and have been looking forward to this for quite awhile.

I wish I could write more but I have to try to get to sleep. Thanks so much for your love and prayers. Now, where did I put that tube of Icy Hot???

About Scott Linscott

Living life to the fullest, walking in the dust of my Rabbi, creating art through photography and written word, speaking words of hope wherever and whenever the opportunity arises.
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4 Responses to Dear mom, liver camp stinks, send Icy Hot.

  1. spk says:

    Joy and sorrow are this ocean
    And in their every ebb and flow
    Now the Lord a door has opened
    That all Hell could never close
    Here I’m tested and made worthy
    Tossed about but lifted up
    In the reckless raging fury
    That they call the love of God

    Rich Mullins

  2. Jeanne says:

    Adding to my earlier, (very blond sounding) comment…. It’s the build up of liver enzymes in the blood that can cause joint pain, etc.

  3. aunt Betty says:

    are you still up for a visit tonight. We won’t stay long. I am the one person that understands what you are going thru. I have everything you are going thru. Stay strong my nephew. God has you in his hands. If you need to rest you rest, please do not push yourself. see you soon. I will call befor we come.

  4. Jeanne Reilly says:

    Hey Scott, We are praying for ya… You may already know this, but your joints probably are hurting so bad because of your liver. When Meg’s liver is acting up, she aches all over and she can barely walk. I bet that’s behind your achy joints.

    Praying for you all the time….


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