Broken. Humbled. Loved.

Here’s another picture I have no idea about.

What a day. I have been getting loved on by people all over the planet. Emails, Facebook, blog comments. I have barely been able to keep up.

People have asked how to pray, how to contribute and texted words of encouragement. I wish I had more answers but I don’t have any answers right now. People have asked how to get screened to see if they are a match for me. How can it be that people are telling me they are willing to go under a surgeon’s knife to give me part of their liver? How can it be?

I have heard from so many past students and families thanking me for shaping them and pointing them to Jesus. How can it be?

My sister Gail, an attorney in Florida, is working on setting up a trust fund for people who want to help us figure out how to pay $300,000 for a transplant by contributing. How can it be that people are asking about how to give?

Today my sister Gloria came down and sat with me, made me a salad and selflessly waited on me. She’s a researcher, a planner and has so many questions but, like I said, I have no answers. She kept my mind off things, made me laugh and loved on me. How can I be so blessed?

Tonight my dear friends George and Edie visited with me and encouraged me. They shared their own stories of God’s faithfulness. They gave counsel. And then, they prayed for Robin and I. How can it be that we are so blessed?

It has been a long day. I’ve laid on the couch under two or three blankets, sometimes shivering. But apart from fighting to breathe, I’ve felt good. I’ve felt God.

I wish I had answers. Tomorrow I will be speaking with Lahey Clinic to schedule our transplant journey beginning. Today my liver doctor called to encourage me and tell me he is ordering labs to watch out for my kidney function because of the diuretic I am on to drain fluid from my belly. On Wednesday my general doctor is managing to squeeze me in to see his nurse practioner because he is far too busy to see me. (Yes, you can sense that I am angry about that!) But, I know nurse practioner Kait and am comfortable with her. She will check my pneumonia and I will demand an xray to see that my lungs are clearing. Last time they told me I was clear and did not order another course of antibiotics. I’m not accepting that this time. I think I’ve developed a little bit of an aggressive attitude today.

As weird as it might sound, I sensed the Lord telling me to write through this journey. I heard Him tell me in the middle of the night in my Orlando hospital room, that He wanted me to be open and honest and pour it all out. I felt Him telling me that my journey could help others who come after who face the same stages of fear, denial, depression, hope, victory, strength and disappointment. So, I will do that praying that it might help.

Thank you so much for expressing love for me. Thank you new friends and old friends. I am truly humbled, broken and loved. I have been blessed.

If you are awaiting a transplant, please don’t give up hope. If you have no hope, please email me and pour it out. The author of my Hope is bigger than you can imagine. I’d be glad to tell you why I believe it.

Psalm 120:1 NIV  I call on the LORD in my distress, and he answers me.

Keep praying that He will grant me time and stabilize me so that I can get on the transplant list.

About Scott Linscott

Living life to the fullest, walking in the dust of my Rabbi, creating art through photography and written word, speaking words of hope wherever and whenever the opportunity arises.
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15 Responses to Broken. Humbled. Loved.

  1. Hal Cushing says:

    Dear Pastor Scott, our prayers are with you and your family. I know you are familiar with this story: ‘Why was not this ointment sold for 300 pence, and given to the poor?…Then said Jesus, Let her alone…’ there are times one has to accept the blessings of others in order to allow others to receive a blessing from the Lord. But you are right when you say why….and many times Jesus will not give us the answers to those questions this side of glory. Yours in Christ, Hal

  2. Meredith Kerr says:

    Like the body rushes to heal a wound it has sustained, so too the body of Christ has been galvanized to rush in in prayer for you Scott. Word is spreading rapidly and prayer is the response…the greatest balm of healing there could be! Your sermons are still alive in our hearts (who could forget the piece of fish net or the breathing apparatus you had to wear to sleep!) and you are loved. We are praying…
    In our Lord’s grace, Meredith Kerr

    • What a great encouragement! At a recent assessment thing I had some men tell me my use of object lessons was juvenile. In that presentation I gave everyone a Cadburry cream egg as in intro to the depths of God’s love. First you consider the wrapper and look to see what’s inside. Next, discovering chocolate you take a taste. So good! You take a big bite and wow, you find it even more delicious discovering the cream. You begin to devour that and then discover even deeper riches in the yoke center. Like God’s love, the longer we walk with him the more sweetness we discover. We gotta bite in! I am confident that everyone there will remember that message of the depths of God’s love each time they see one if those eggs. I learned the power of object lessons from Ken Davis at a training week many years ago.

      By specifically mentioning sermons and the objects I used, it confirms again what Ken taught me! Those guys can keep their ten point sermons. My focus is on communicating Truth in memorable ways – puzzle pieces, fishing net, positive pressure CPAP machines. You’ve reminded me that it works.

      We are abundantly blessed by the outpouring of love and prayers! Thank you so much.

  3. jake koelker says:

    You and your family are in the Koelkers’ thoughts and prayers, Scott.

    Keep writing too.

    I just got done reading your last couple of posts and they blew me away. They are incredibly powerful- a real tribute to both the amazing person that you are and to the awesome power of faith, hope and love.

  4. SPK says:

    “We believe that God is bigger than the air we breathe.”
    Psalm 103:19 The LORD has established his throne in heaven, and his kingdom rules over all.

    Thank you for continuing to write, Scott. We are praying for you.

  5. Mike Olmstead says:

    Anne and I are praying for you and for the Lord’s peace to surround you and uphold you through this whole ordeal. You are a wonderful, funny, honest, wholehearted follower of Jesus that the Lord has used to encourage me in my walk with Christ since we first met nearly ten years ago. I love you and am in your corner as you go through this trial. Know that you are loved and nothing comes to us that has not first passed through the hands of our Lord. I have no clue why this is happening. I am frustrated and angry that it IS happening. I believe the Lord will sustain you and provide EVERYTHING you need to do God’s will. Your brother in Christ, Michael

  6. aunt Betty says:

    It is hard Scott, but always find something daily to smile or laugh about. I am here for you

  7. Jenn Nelson says:

    I am thinking of you & praying for you lots. Please let the Linscott family know what we can do to help. Keep writing and sharing your story. It’s helpful for us to know what is going on, but also for you to process this overwhelming situation. I love you and if there is ANYTHING we can do, other than pray lots, please don’t hesitate to let us know.
    Love you,
    Cousin Jenn

  8. Carre G says:

    Good for you, Scott, for being your own health care advocate. You have to be, or you might slip through the cracks, as you’ve found out before. Thanks for being honest. It helps us see that God is big enough for even this.

  9. Kathy Hooper says:

    Scott, Thank you so much for your openness and honesty. You and Robin are truly a blessing to all of the lives you have touched. My life is definitely richer having had you in it. I will have you continually in my prayers. Love to you and Robin.

  10. Deb G says:

    I’ve been following your blog and praise God for your writing through your pain and frustration. Like Job, we cannot understand the big “why’s” of suffering and of life…but like Job, you refuse to give up and curse God. Your witness is a blessing. Thank you for sharing all of this. You continue to be in my prayers. What a blessing to have so many dear friends and others surround you with love and care and open ears and hearts.

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