Burn the Quran! Burn the Bible!

Another whacky Christian has done exactly what he set put to do. The “pastor” of a little church in Florida has grabbed national and worldwide headlines by threatening to burn the Muslim holy book unless his demands are met.

So here he is with his pile of 200 Qurans and a match with the media putting him in the position of speaking for me and for America. I wonder what other gatherings of 50 kooks are doing this weekend with no media coverage.

I wonder how many copies of the Holy Bible that church has lying around. I bet he could easily gather more than 200 copies.

I think he should put the bibles in a pile too and torch them all. Is it worse for Christians to burn their book or simply ignore what it teaches?

The bible does have a lot of references to burning but I find no examples of Jesus asking His followers to gather up stuff to burn in some sort of makeshift statement to endorse God. I see people offer their own stuff to be torched as a way to show their own change in priorities. (Acts 19:18-19) That’s very different than burning stuff to send some sort of negative message.

Somewhere on a hillside there’s 50 kooks waiting for the mother ship to take them to another planet this weekend. There’s 50 kooks marching in support of humane treatment of harvested vegetables. There’s 50 dancing kooks dressed up as furry animals. None of them is in the media spotlight.

I suggest the Florida kooks put the Quran away, pick up their own Holy Books and spend the weekend reading of the Life of Jesus.

Maybe, just maybe, they would commit to loving God with everything and loving their neighbors as themselves.

Do that and see how fast the satellite trucks disappear. Selfless love does not boost ratings or sell papers.

50 kooks do not speak for me.

About Scott Linscott

Living life to the fullest, walking in the dust of my Rabbi, creating art through photography and written word, speaking words of hope wherever and whenever the opportunity arises.
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1 Response to Burn the Quran! Burn the Bible!

  1. Sisah says:

    My thgt exactly the press just feeds on this stuff

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