Top 10 Ways to say “I don’t give a CRAP about you!”

10. Isolate and whisper. Even turn your back to others.

9. Nonstop inside jokes are always good. Share memories and laugh loud about stuff nearby people didn’t experience. If they ask, brush them off with, “You had to be there.”

8. Share one iPOD earbud with a friend. Sit close and look at each other while bobbing those heads.

7. Call someone else or answer your cell in the middle of a conversation with someone.

6. Hood up, mirrored shades on. This looks just plain stupid if you are older than 20 (actually it looks stupid no matter how old you are) but it lets people know they should leave you alone.

5. Play video games nonstop while someone new sits there bored. Don’t invite them to play or give them turn at a controller.

4. Look past whoever is talking to you and nod, “uh huh.” Make it clear that you are looking for someone else and that they bore you.

3. Never ask them anything about themselves or ask their opinions. Dominate the conversation.

2. TEXT, TEXT, TEXT – no matter who you’re with.

1. Keep your faith in Jesus to yourself. Don’t live it, don’t act on it and always ignore the Holy Spirit when He nudges you to connect and show love.

If you really believe this stuff about Jesus, what’s the worst that could happen when you live out this list? Wouldn’t it just be easier to shrug and tell these people straight out, “Go to hell?” In reality, isn’t that what we’re saying by our actions?

I’m guilty of 5 on my top ten list. Ouch. You?

1 John 2:10 If we love others, we live in the light, and so there is nothing in us that will cause someone else to sin. (GNT)


About Scott Linscott

Living life to the fullest, walking in the dust of my Rabbi, creating art through photography and written word, speaking words of hope wherever and whenever the opportunity arises.
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