What is it really all about?

Christianity, what is it really all about?

I’ve heard worship leaders say it’s all about worship. Preachers say it’s all about preaching. Small group leaders say it’s all about sharing life. Missionaries tell me it’s all about missions. Burlap purse-toating people say it’s about social justice. Goatee’d youth pastors rattle off stats showing it’s all about reaching the youth.

Like Brazilian restaurant chefs pushing their brand of meat, we seem determined to boil following Jesus down to what we like best.

I think we’re going in the wrong direction when we try to sum up Jesus with a promo for our favorite program. Instead we should seek to magnify what He’s all about. We can’t minimize a supreme God into one little aspect of what the Church is truly all about.

Is it all about any of those things I began with? No. That would mean God is limited to one expression or program. God certainly is about all of them and so much more.

He’s bigger than the preacher, loves kids as much as seniors and is just as comfy on the couch at your small group as He is sitting by your side on a hard, wooden pew in a rural church. He uses podcasts and handwritten notes projected with an old overhead projector interchangeably. Sound systems, simple PA or ampitheater – He speaks and changes hearts.

From mega-church to house church, from Andy Stanley to 88 year old unknown faithful preacher Maurice Amnott, God is working.

What’s it all about? God is all, the I Am, the author and creator who stepped onto this planet as Jesus Christ to show His love for us. He is ALL.

Enjoy your deal. Sing in the choir. Serve at camp. Rescue children. Eat pasta and share life at your home group. Fill up your notebook with quotes from that preacher. Worship.

But don’t ever think your deal is “what it’s all about.” God is so much bigger than that.

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About Scott Linscott

Living life to the fullest, walking in the dust of my Rabbi, creating art through photography and written word, speaking words of hope wherever and whenever the opportunity arises.
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