A trip to the well at NYWC

I’ve been doing my best sucking this straw with everything I have trying get every last drop from a cup that has not been refilled in a few years. Maybe you know the feeling? The slurping is loud and pretty gross. My cup has been bone dry for awhile.

I’ve been doing my best to take some drinks here and there. Books. Podcasts. Flipping the pages of my bible echoes my dryness with each crinkle of the paper. But, it’s been awhile since I’ve been able to go to the well.

The National Youth Workers Convention has been a great well for me over these past 25 years in youth work. It has gone through significant changes and, truthfully, I do miss the old days of several hundred of us eating around tables and listening to a couple wild rebels; Wayne Rice and Mike Yaconelli. Yac made me cry year after year. They were soul-watering tears that washed away the negative attitudes and reminded me of my calling to reach teenagers to introduce them to Jesus. I wept when Mike died.

But the Lord was not done with us. In stepped Tic and Marko. They weren’t my rabbis like Mike was but they carried a vision for student ministry. The tears revisited each year I saw additional growth and more and more youth workers gathering to drink from the well. Hotel ballrooms were replaced by giant convention centers, multiple cities and more and more resources.

Here I sit at the edge of the well again. Things will begin tomorrow. Tic and Marko are gone and I am an old timer now and won’t know many people beyond Duffy, Chap, Tony … but with me are three guys who work with our students back home. I’ve brought them to the well and can’t wait to see them drink their fill. They’ll come back to our room with bags of resources and new excitement for our students. They don’t know what this well used to mean to me. It is brand new for them.

Breathe deep … drink to excess … return to ministry reminded of who you work for and revell in the fact that He really doesn’t care where you parked the church van.

Need to save some money?

Who doesn’t? The Elm St. Deli across form the Hyatt has giant salads and good sandwiches that won’t sink your budget.

Look for CVS and Walgreens on Race Street at the 6th Street intersection. Water, Soda, snacks.

Dominos delivery – 513-471-3733 says it will deliver to Convention Center area.

Campanello’s Italian Restaurant – 414 Central AvenueCincinnati, Ohio 45202 (513) 721-9833 – we ate lunch there and the food was good. Main dishes in the $6-$9 range for lunch. http://www.campanellos.com/
Quiznos, Chik-fil-a, Subway on West 4th Street between Vine and Elm.

About Scott Linscott

Living life to the fullest, walking in the dust of my Rabbi, creating art through photography and written word, speaking words of hope wherever and whenever the opportunity arises.
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1 Response to A trip to the well at NYWC

  1. adam mclane says:

    thanks for your words. I hope you find that moment at the well this weekend.

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