I felt like a big ole creeper

I went to a church softball game today. It’s a church league actually. The fields are crawling with Christians. It was a bit surreal. Every “church” sat by itself cheering on only its players. There was no mixing.

I decided to try some experiments and wandered into the territory of other “churches.” First, I tried just hanging out to see if anyone would talk to me. Nope, not a word. In fact, when I sat on the bleachers with one group of folks I had the very distinct feeling that I was not welcome in their space.

Next, I got a couple of ice-cold bottles of water out of the cooler and headed to mingle with another group. I offered a few people a cold drink. They all politely refused until one little girl told her mom she was thirsty. Her mom tried to put her off but I said, “Here, have some water. I don’t want to walk away knowing this little girl told me she was thirsty and I gave her nothing to drink.” I smiled at my ability to weave a bit of bible into the conversation but no one else smiled. Strike two! I headed off again leaving the bottle on the end of a row.

In my “church’s” second game I decided to give it one more try while the teams were on the field. I walked over with my camera and offered to send the other team the digital shots if they wanted them. He looked at me like I had three eyes, but it was close so I’m going to say I fouled this one off. I would take one more hack at it. I spotted a lady with a boxer dog who was trying to pull her all over the place. I took a stab at some small talk with, “Man, he’s pretty strong, huh? What’s his name?” She told me he was strong but offered no name. Maybe she hadn’t heard me. “What’s his name? Is he friendly?” She turned her back on me and talked to some of her friends. Ouch. Strike three!

I again headed back to our “church’s” spot where it was safe and people like me – or at least pretend to like me. Feeling like a big ole creeper as the result of my sociological experiment, my ego wounded and my ideals for the church of Jesus Christ dashed, I needed some comfort among my own people.

I think the church is bigger than these little buildings on every other street corner. I wish we felt more confident to be the church when we exit the front doors and leave the parking lot. I wonder what this softball league would look like if it went from churches playing against each other to the church enjoying each other and fellowshipping while playing softball.

I have a feeling it would be pretty attractive.

About Scott Linscott

Living life to the fullest, walking in the dust of my Rabbi, creating art through photography and written word, speaking words of hope wherever and whenever the opportunity arises.
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3 Responses to I felt like a big ole creeper

  1. skoelker says:

    Sounds like the league I used to play in…'cause it is. The whole thing reminds me of today's church: lots of arguing over the rules (seldom see a game in which someone doesn't strenuously argue a call) and a grudging acknowledgment that we have to share the field with folks who don't have it down as well as we do. I can't find the verse that reminds us to compete and to not trust "creepers" in sheep's clothing. :)Today's antidote for me: listened to 3 lectures from NT Wright. He brings us all into the Big Tent so nicely. But he knows nothing about softball.spk><>

  2. Scott Linscott says:

    That's good. I'm hoping it was just a tough day.

  3. WilsonGlobal says:

    Wow, that seems really strange to me. I used to play in that league, and then would go as a fan to games after I "retired." Lots of times we would talk to players and fans from the other teams, and we NEVER got those types of reactions (or lack of reaction.)Steve W

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